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The Peptuck Collection: Pretentious title, great fanficcery!
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The Peptuck Collection titled by the eccentrically egomaniacal fool by the same nameis intended to be a repository of aboveaverage fanfictions from a variety of video games. Emphasis is placed on actionoriented fanfiction, though this is by no means a limiter, as any type can be added. All fanficcery here is good at least, by my estimation and I inspect every story added myself. I'm not too stringent, though. XD

The Ultimecia Affair by Prodigy reviews
A gritty, reimagined novelization of the Final Fantasy 8 story! Chapter XXX: Crossroads, Posted January 30th 2016.
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Laguna is finally on his feet again, but can he answer the call of the road when obligation and duty call louder? Raine struggles with life in Winhill and a looming deadline. Can she find a way to keep Ellone before the little girl is taken away?
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Three years after The Gunblade Saga, Squall Leonhart encounters the deadliest enemy of all: his own family. Can he and his comrades uncover the truth about the Chimera's legacy, while fighting terrorists, megalomanical madmen, and encroaching apocalypse?
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