Percy Jackson’s Slightly Intimidating Adventures
Ok so I know, I shouldn't have done it. I couldn't help myself. Annabeth's head laid on my chest, sleeping. We were exhausted from training all day at camp. I know your asking, why is she in the same cabin as you Percy? I can explain. After archery, Annabeth and I took a walk down the beach. Just a casual walk right? No. Obviously, nothing at camp was casual. The sun was setting and the sea aroma was strong like Poseidon himself was radiating across the ocean. Annabeth had her head on my shoulder during the walk and I didn't seem to mind. (well, of course, I minded, my brain was melting into a pink little puddle, but Annabeth didn't notice.) Annabeth sighed and put her hand in one of my Camp Half-Blood jacket pockets. “Hey Seaweed Brain, ” She said. “I really like you, yanno.” There was a slight moment of silence and I twirled my shirt in one finger on accident. I must've been blushing cause she stared at me and frowned. “You don't like me back? ” she asked. “Annabeth you're a crazy, wise girl, ” I said “Obviously I like you more than anything... Yes, even blue waffles.” My heart sank at the thought of my mom. She cooked me pretty much blue everything. It was a running joke between us (short story, but I don't want to go into details. I'm lazy). “You miss your mom, don't you Percy, ” she said, staring at me with her sparkly grey eyes. They seemed to turn darker at the thought of me being sad. “Yeah, ” I choked, holding back a sob. A lump formed in my throat. “I miss her like hell.” Annabeth looked up at me. She was shorter than me this year, but not by much. I was almost six foot but she was only 5”9. She stood on her tippy toes but couldn't reach me. I giggled. She bear-hugged me and I thought she was going to pick me up. Annabeth had gotten stronger from fighting in New York over the summer. New York was more infested with monsters than ever this year. “Do you mind reaching over and kissing me? I would, but I fear I am too short, ” she said, grinning. The wind started picking up and the sea smell had just gotten stronger for a split second, then died down. “I don't mind at all Smarty Pants, ” I bent over and kissed her, but she had other plans. Annabeth opened her mouth mid-kiss and let her tongue venture into my mouth. We kissed for a while until I found myself in my bunk with her on top of me. I don't remember how I got there, but I didn't care. My heart was going crazy in my chest and my stomach was doing front flips. My brain was turning into play-doh, oozing down my head and into my torso. Unfortunately, the door was practically rattling it's old, rusty hinges off. Annabeth shot out of the covers and under the bed and I answered the door. Grover and Juniper were standing outside. “What's with the door rape?” I asked Grover. “I know you have Annabeth in there,” he said, completely ignoring my question. “her siblings are looking for her.” My knees went numb on me. Thanks, knees I thought. I had completely forgotten that Annabeth didn't belong in my cabin. “Can you ask Athena’s cabin if she could keep this low-key? Tell them I'm borrowing her tonight.” I told Grover. “I- Uh- Er-... Yeah sure dude.” he winked at me and galloped off with Juniper right beside him. I went back to the cabin and Annabeth was half asleep on my bed. I collapsed beside her and stared at her long, wavy, golden blond hair. Oh, how I only was so foolish to get into this.
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