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AKB0048 Nova
Ever dream of becoming a member of AKB0048? Well now you can! It's time for a new crop of girls to join AKB as the 78th generation. Will you survive the training and make your way into the ranks of succession? Will Zodiac keep theses girls from reaching their dreams? Only one way to find out, join in and see for yourself!... Hold on there a moment, it looks like Tsubasa-san has given us a plot twist! She is now opening up boys to enter 00 as the first members of BKD0048! Hurry in boys or the first generatio
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AKB0048 Fanfic Aid Wanted!
I intend to create a AKB0048 fanfic with my personal OC or OCs. But with so many issues on how it will be laid out, I need anyone's help. PM me for participation. XD
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Pimp your stories about AKB0048 here :)
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