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Your favorite Absolute Boyfriend couples!
Hey ya! It's moi! Okay plz put in your favorite couples from Absolute Boyfriend right here! XD Uzumaki Maggie: nightXriiko YOSH!
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The love
A girl who found out that she was different from other girls she could stop time and also when she gets mad she can turn into something that can kill whatever is in her way. There will be a second one with her falling in love.
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Samtude & Usagi's
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Death Note boyboy
Kay so this is where i put al of my most yummy stuff for deathntoe fics that i write!
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Beta Signup For Absolute Boyfriend
Betas can signup here and writers can request betas.
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Post Your fanfic links here!
I love to read people! So give me a few links to fanfics you found to be cool. I must warn you though. I'm extremely picky! Kinda...lol. the category says Absolute Boyfriend. But I did that to be sure the category could also go under anime/manga!
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