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Accel World RP
Step into the Accelerated World with a character of your design, having them make friends and enemies! , attend Umesato Junior High, and much more!
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Want a Faster Life? think you got what it takes? if yes then step right into the Accel World and show us what you got!
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Accel World: Fatal Frontier
The year is 2050. The Kings of the Accelerated World have all been overthrown and eliminated; it's become a lawless world with no King to rule over anyone. You no longer fight for glory, but to survive. Spiritual successor to Accel World RP, no canons.
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Accelerated World Roleplay
The Japanese government created them. The chain of man-made islands referred to as the Kawakami archipelago. Within these man-made is Kawakami city, the eight most populated city within the country. Within recent times, the program known as Brain Burst had descended upon this city en masse, though without the reforms found within the Tokyo, this city soon turned into a borderland of fighting and war, rag-tag groups fighting for supremacy. Can lawful nature be be brought to this land?
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Burst link
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Accelerating your breath: An Accel world RP
My my my, it appears that the overall Accel world RP community has come to a grinding halt a year past ago. Then hence, we shall revive it again! And i mean it! Come join us with your creative ideas, venture into the world of Accel world. [OC and Cannon RP]
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Destiny Dive: A New Accelerated World
Accel Assault had failed, Cosmos Corrupt died, and even Brain Burst, the best Trial of the three, couldn't accomplish the true goal. Will you be able to do what dozens have failed to do: clear the Imperial Palace, and learn the truths within?
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Accel World! The Great Brain Burst Roleplay!
Want Your Life To be faster? Come on In And Join In The Accel World! the Great Brain Burst Roleplay (Alive:We are always on Unless we are Grounded XD!)
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