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Ai no Kusabi and the Muses
The Muses have noted just how little attention this great yaoi piece has gotten here! They are determined to create a place for these characters on FF. All are welcome!
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Should Both of them have Died in the Fire?
Pretty much self-explanatory. Do you think that Iason and Riki should've died in the fire? Or maybe Iason should've just just left Guy and escaped?
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Carte Ai No Kusabi
Le poids de la distance ... Une envie de Jupiter, de Riki ? De Iason ? C'est ici.
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Triangle Challenge
A challenge to write a story where Riki calls out Guy's name when he is in bed with Iason.
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Iason or Guy?
Who should have Riki picked Iason or Guy?It s kinda sad how Riki left his friend for someone he just me, but, It s also touching how Iason risked so much for him...?
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The noval of Ai No Kusabu
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