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Air Gear Roleplay
UPDATE: Forum moved to a new website: rolep . proboards . com We look forward to seeing you there!
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airgear RP forum!
it's an airgear RP forum! join pliz! can make with ur oc or canon characters.. make new character,new ATs, new hidden/legendary regalia,n ur own team!gather other pplz to join ur AT team!
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AirGear RP forum! Socialize, battle, destroy, make love, and do all kinds of stuffs here at my forum. Unfiltered, so warnings for all those below, this might get violent.
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Air Gear RP: The Infinite Potential
This is an Air Gear RP intentionally created to be the backbone of a future fan fiction. "The clear blue sky is not as pure as you thought it would be. It might the symbol of freedom, but you have to understand that freedom is built on a river of blood."
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Air Gear OC center
This is a place where people can share their idea for OC. If you have little things on your mind that you didn't know where to put, why don't share them. This forum also include an RP part where we make interaction between them. This will allow you to deepen your characters and help writers with who you shared them to get a better hold of their mindset. I also intent to make it humorous. So bring in your insanity and weirdness. Feel free to add topics.
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Air Gear: Are your Wings Broken Rp
Through the science of micro-technology, a miniature motor has been developed with the power of a four-wheeled vehicle. The world of AT is born, thus I welcome you to come to this world and ride and fly
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Wanted OCs and Teams For Story Usage and Partners
Submit your OC's and Teams now. Discuss your story plots and other things here. Find a Partner and do a collaboration story.
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Favorite parings, Favorite characters
post your favorite parings, favorite characters here! or just talk about air gear!
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chat about all your fav charaters!
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Air Gear Rising Storm
Air Gear - Rising Storm: "After the original regalias are destroyed, new kings must fight for the right to forge new regalias and rule the skys."
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Air Gear: A Rising Corruption
A rising cult brings a bad name to the use of Air Treks, this doesn't help the fact that enforcers are trying to abolish the very thought of the machines. You have a choice; silently allow the things you love fade away or fight for what you're passionate about.
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Ask us
Ask your favorite air Gear character anything!
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Everyone's favorite Psycho An AgitoAkito Fan Forum
Talk about AkitoAhtio or Air Gearrelated topics, share ideas and make requests for AkitoxAgitorealted fanfics here.
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Air Gear
Bout All Things Air Gear
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The Unborn Child
Suki's life is about to change when she transfers to a school in Tokyo Japan and meets Ikki Minami and his team kogorasumaru,Suki revials a secret of her tragic childhood Suki is my OC
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AirGear :: The FORUM :: RPG ::
This forum is to discuss the anime, manga, characters, merchandise, ATs, parts wars, and an RPG. Come in to talk about everything AirGear. Members must stay active! How do you feel about the pairings? Kururu, Simca or Ringo? Discuss it here!
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Who's the best character and why!
Who's the best character in air gear, and why? For example, Kazuma Mikura because he's cool/speedy/has no confidence/wears a white beanie...etc. EVERYBODY is WELCOME!:D
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Air Gear Rp
Pick who you want to be just about everything gose no Sex!besides that it all good. have fun every one
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