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Angel Beats! RP
Hey everyone I just recently finished watching the Anime Angel Beats! and have now decided to do an rp for it! Come on in and let's have fun! OC's are welcomed!
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The World of Angel Beats
You are dead and in the world of Angel Beats. OCs only. There is RP, that will be created into a story. All credit will be given.
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Angel Beats
This is an Angel Beats! roleplay forum! All pairings types are allowed, and pairings with canon characters are available. Have fun playing dead! :D
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Angel Beats
Continuation of a cramped Fourm. RPers welcome. Slightly follows Cannon. Currently being novelized.
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Angel Beats New Class
Set some time after the events of the anime. The school is again filled with people who don't accept their fate. They find the old Battlefront headquarters and restart it. But there are some who don't want the Battlefront to continue. Their are also strange creatures lurking nearby. A dark plot is growing. (Restarted Feb 7, 2018)
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Roleplayer Beats!
A role play forum that specializes in OC relationships rather than the plot line of the actual Angel Beats!. We like standard role players who can post a paragraph or so at least, but nothing over the top. We welcome all to this new community!
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Angel Beats! Revival
Hello, and welcome back! I welcome all new members, as well! My previous Angel Beats! forum was in need of a serious cleanup, so here it is. The rules will be slightly stricter, and a plot will be involved this time. Everyone will work together! Join and have fun with Angel Beats! Revival!
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Angel Beats Roleplay
Once one has rejected faith, it is impossible for him/her to pass through the gates of Heaven. For that reason you are given another chance in the Afterlife to choose to follow the rules of God and return to earth sometimes one other then human.
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Story Collab with creativekat PRIVATE
After they all left, what happened? The place is still there, but whose arriving this time? Time to find out...
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Angel Beats: Stories of the Revived Battlefront
Now you probably wish to just leave this place. As I said, it's up to you. I just had to tell you what's going on. Please think it through and make the right choice. Choose the right side. Do the right thing. Set things right. Please. You can meet us, the SSS, over in the Principal's office. It's our base of operations. You can meet me underground, I have my own facility there. This is Toryn Millar signing off. / An Original Characters AU to the story Angel Beats! Welcome to the new (twisted) Afterlife!
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Angel Beats! RPG
This is where you roleplay one of the best anime ever, Angel Beats! - a place where you're dead. You enter the afterlife, no memory of dying whatsoever, and make your own life with everyone else. Have fun playing dead... and reviving all over again! We are still accepting original characters, and have canon characters available!
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Angel Beats: Second Heart
RP with your wonderful members of the SSS, the Afterlife High School and OCs, the story of Angel Beats! All are welcome! *ACTIVE*
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Angel Beats! Back to the AfterLife
I'm creating this forum for those who are still fans of Angel Beats, and would like to start up a new RP! I sure remember the first one I was a part of, and it was a blast! So come on in and join! [Discontinued, but a good read 3]
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Angel Beats RP
roleplay angel beats
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Private Role Play
A private role play between Believe4Ever and Priestess Mayumi.
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Angel Beats: The New Afterlife
Prequel to 'Angel Beats: Stories of the Revived Battlefront'. Welcome to the Afterlife only. Shadows roam the school, striking at any possible moment. There's a new Student Council who seem to hold more intentions than just helping people pass on. A new group has come to the story too, calling themselves The Anarchists. Deep within the school, there's a rebel society forming, taking the name of the SSS. One thing is undeniable, though: This isn't the Afterlife you've come to remember.
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Angel Beats RP
An RP based in the Angel Beats world. What else do you want me to say?
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Angel Beats: New Class
Set some time after the events of the anime. The school is once again filled with young people who don't accept their fates. They found the old Battlefront headquarters and restarted it. Now they face greater challengers than ever before as they battle the Angels and mysterious monsters in their search for the truth of this world and seek payback against god. (Small reboot of an old forum of mine)
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Just wondering out here: What is ur fav. parring s in this series? I know very basic, over-used question..but oh well. Personaly mine are: Hinata&Noda, Otonashi&Yuri, and Otonashi&Angel.
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Angel Beats
Make a person can have your name or make up one your character must have a special ability like swordsman, can be in a band, lets just say they specialize in certain weapon .
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Afterlife Beats: Angel Beats RP Forum ((Offically Open!))
Welcome to the Afterlife! Are you a fan or the Angel Beats anime? Then please feel free to come roleplay here as either a Canon character or your own Original Character! This takes place in an alternate universe where everyone remained in the afterlife after finding peace.
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Angel Beats Forum to help revive The Other Forums!
We need to revive the other forums!
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angel beats: the next generation
yay rp
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Angel Beats! Roleplay
A revived forum from my other account- chibineko63. I sincerely wish that these forums would start becoming more active. I hope we can make that wish come true by stopping by here and having a great time!
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Angel Beats! RP
I just recently watched Angel Beats! so I've decided to create a forum for the anime and manga! Here you can Roleplay Angel Beats! And discuss the anime! Debate and chat with friends! Have a fun time!
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