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Anima RP
Let's Rp till we can't Rp no more! Anyone can join!
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Anima Role Play
Just a role play about Anima. Looking for members. Curse ye inactivity!
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Anima RP
Anima are people who have specil powers that make them different from everyone else. If you could be an anima what animal powers would you pocess, and how ould you use them!
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Anima Roleplay!
Make your Anima character, and meet and join friends as they struggle to survive, constantly on the run. What lies ahead for you and your new friends?
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Anima Moonlit
Join in the role play or just talk to others about the topic. Number of People: 4 Forum Activity: Dead Open/Closed:Closed
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Anima RP
Come make your own Anima and join the fun!
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Plus Anima RPG Hangout
RP, discuss and just have fun in this wonderful RPG topic
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Anima RPG
Well... I need to RP with my friends. So... Yeah... JOIN MY WORLD I don't own the image i got it off google images,
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Anima Forum
To be honest I've seen alot of 'dead' forums of this anime, in case I haven't, well... My bad. I'm well aware of time differences, that anyone can come in and RP, just abide by the rules and have fun cos I don't know what else you'll do XD
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Anima RP
just an rp for the anime plus anima :P
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Anima Roleplay
A curse or a blessing, its up to you.
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Misplacement of Stories
Too many people are either lazy, not thinking or stupid, and at least one half of all anima stories have nothing to do with anima. If a mod reads this, please do something about this epidemic plaguing this site!
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come here and tell me any anime i never herd befor and i'll go check them at funimation or mangafox
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Luna's Destiny
all about a gurl named Luna this is anime! .she is very cute,but has a seceretly secrety seceret thats well hidden,inorder to find out what this.."seceret" is!. join this forum! XD this role-playing forum is about:romance,comedy,friendship,love,&cutenes
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Avatar: The Last Airbender know it all
think you know it all then come here!
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Anima: The RP
Trying to make this fandom active again! The violence against anima has been increasing drastically, and lone-wolfing and surviving is impossible these days. Anima have managed to survive together in small, hidden groups, looking for others like themselves, but when the camp of our heroes is destroyed, what will they do, and where will they go? Mostly for OCs, but canons allowed if requested! More info inside.
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Anime Fan Project
Anime Confessions is a fan project where fans can post their individual views pertaining to anime, manga, and anime fandom. Poetry, Indepth topics Such as religion or philosophy in anime essays, reviews, personal views. Audio fanfictions, Audio skits, Ot
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Beta Signup For Anima
This is a forum where you can request for Betas and for Betas to request stories to Beta.
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InuyashaOuarn host club cross over Role play
After some rather unexplanible turn of events Tamaki and the rest of the host club find themselves turning up in a time that has long since passed. A time of war and hardship, but also beauty and honor. That time was Feudal aura Japan.
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The Surviving
Train, Sven, Eve, and Rinslet are stranded on an island just off of land, but no one knows they are there. Will they ever get off?
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Anyone who loves anime/monga. Main Topics- Naruto, Bleach, FMA, and Inuyasha. Of corse you can add anything in this but these will be the main ones like just to start a Topic. Please don't just post somthing likie 'Ichigo is hot' or somthing like that. Th
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Anima RP and Chat
You can rp, or chat about Anima. Either way, talk about Anima. Have fun!
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Super Anima RP char bio, story, etc
Here's a SUPER RP for anima people. Just have fun with it :D
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Anima 101
Yes, I was the first one to create the first Anima forum but it went dead so I made this one! Hope you enjoy!
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About the Anima: Roleplay, Chat, and More!
Talk about you favorite anima, your least favorite anima, and the ones that just drive you crazy! You can vote on your favorite characters. You can also roleplay. Or you can just chat about anima or other mangas. Please post comments!
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