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Butei HQ
Welcome Butei members! oh! someone wants to join forces with us you say? well then by all means you are most welcome! Hello and welcome to Butei HQ! Aria the Scarlet Ammo's first FanFiction forum!
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The Iridescent Ammo
Team Baskerville has driven IU into ruins, going on to take on the final member, Moira M. Fujiwara. She utilizes all the skill of the defeated as well as her own ability. On order to defeat Moira and protect his team, Kinji sacrifices himself. Years later there's rumor of IU reforming...and a new generation has form to defeat it.
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Aria the Scarlet Ammo
Butei High School. A universal educational facility, in which you are armed and trained to catch criminals. Have fun taking down the criminals of Butei, on a remote island! We are still accepting original characters, and have canon characters available!
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Aria the Scarlet Ammo: The Roleplay
It's been a while since a Hidan no Aria RPG has gotten any traction, so I guess I'll give this another shot.
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Hidan no Aria
Ready to RP
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Butei Control Center
Welcome to this quaint little school... on an island. The title is pretty much the keyword for this forum. Butei Control Center; Butei High School. Join forces with Aria and Kinji at the little island known as Butei High School, and compete against others! Fight to the death, go on missions, and remember, don't get blown up by the Butei killers!
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