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Our Little Assassination Game
How would you like to join Kunugigaoka Junior High? Wonderful academics, a beautiful pool, and an area where the bottom can stay the bottom. Not enough? We also have an octopus with a 10 billion yen bounty over his head.
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We are E for End
Students of Kunugigaoka Junior High's E for End class have the own challenges indeed: a manipulative principal, biased teachers, difficult parents and of course scornful schoolmates. All of which threatened to make their last year at Junior High a living hell. But now, throw in a Ministry of Defense official, a blond biatch and an unkillable octopus teacher with a 10 billion yen bounty, their last year might be more eventful than they expect. Student OCs only.
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Assassination Classroom: Next Generation RP
This for RPing the anime/manga series Assassination Classroom. It'll eventually involve next gen and OCs are welcome.
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Assassination World
Kuro-sensei left a guidebook for the students; in it he wrote information about the underworld, the Mafia, the Yakuza and all sorts of organized crime syndicates that the students overlooked or pass through it to their grief. Now, when the students are targeted by several people that wanted the book for themselves and to raise the ranks, what else could they do but band together to protect the book at the same time invade the heads or members of the groups the book contained as they search for them?
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I am not very good with making stories. But I have a lot of ideas for them as I am sure is the case with many of you. So this is a place to post those ideas to possibly prompt others to use your idea for a story.
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Assassination Classroom: Alt-verse
What would you do if you had a year to kill your teacher for a lot of money? The Class of E-3 did it, but they liked their sensei and where sad with his passing. Come into the Alt-verse and try your hand at earning lots of money. Maybe save the beloved teacher, or just kill him. OC's welcome!
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my brother actually is a prince
when i was little i really wish that i can leave in palace or big house,not like this poor house , small,and dirty.but it change i meet him my baby brother.
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Assassination Classroom Fanfiction
Ayuna Hōshito... She is a very interesting and mysterious girl. An elite assassin, a natural-born genius, an emotionless kid. Transfered to Kunigigaoka Junior High, she is to complete a very high ranked mission that involves a yellow octopus. She was cold-hearted and emotionless but everyone in 3-E never gave up on trying to open her up to the world. Piece by piece, her mask starts to fall... Who knew? They finally realize that she was just a sensitive human being... Just like them. Read to find out more!
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(Sweet) Teardrops
TeraIto ff
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Just doing some Assassination Classroom Things
Polls and Chat's Gallore
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but when i saw you , i fell
a karushuu fanfiction oneshots too the maxx and i can't write. fluff overload and asano is the seme just to make sure. chairman ships it though but don't tell gakushuu that. i made this mainly because of guilty pleasure ;) but when i saw you , i fell. fell in love i mean
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Nagisa X Karma
A story where frends become lovers.
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Nagisa X Karma is best ship
this is a place to worship the nagisa x karma ship and send links to well writen fanfiction that uses this ship as its main pairing. any off topic conversation will get you removed so please keep private convos in pm.
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The Legacy
It has been seven year since class-3E kill Korosensei.Nagisa and his classmate have been living a Peaceful life,but what if the past action of thier Teacher come back to Hunt them.
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