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Astroboy RP
Yes, I'm quite bored. So, why not have an Astro Boy roleplay. All Tezuka characters welcome!
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Astro Boy Forum
A place to talk about all things Astro Boy.
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Astro Boy Role Play?
Didn't know if there was already something like this around, or if we're allowed to do it over the forums, but if anyone is interested in doing an Astro Role Play on here, or maybe over yahoo, or IRC chat let me know. I'd like to get a group thing going i
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Is the Astro Boy movie underrated?
I loved the Astro Boy movie but I've read many negative reviews. Is it because of the political overtones? I was hoping the franchise would get more popular in the states and by extension create Fanfic author Astro Boy fans. More writers more variety o
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Kessie's Astro AU
Created in the same vein as her Mega AU forum; Kessie-Louise now has a place to get the story straight of another one of her AUs. Spoilers abound with notes, characterizations, playlists, and much more!
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Movie or Series?
lotz of ppl like the movie or the anime. I just want an idea of how many ppl and thier reasons
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Astro Boy and Kim Possible: System Reboot
What if in the robot fight club, they met a certain robot boy who can do anything he puts his mind to? Join Astro Boy as he and Kim Possible join forces to fight evil and save the world... And find love along the way.
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