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Flying High on Wings of Freedom
It's time for humanity to fight back against the Titans, so strap on that gear and grab your swords. You fight for humanities freedom today!
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What Happened In Betwen (Discontinued)
What happened during the four year time skip after Chapter 90? Well here it is, create Ocs or play canon characters either on Paradis island, or on Marely to fill in that timeskip and create history.
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Attack On Titan RP
If you're an Attack on Titan fan, then you'll LOVE this role play forum! Responses are so frequent, it's not even funny!
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Attack on Titan(with canon characters)
Attack on Titan RP with CCs and OCs. Now has a Main RP and a One on one RP. Read the rules to see which one you'd like the join, if not both. Click on the category Important to see the topics you need first. Main RP is during the training days and you can join any military division you wish. The One on one RP means freedom. Enjoy! The Main RP is on hiatus.
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A Tear In Fate
Set right after Eren's trail, the Scouts are preparing for the 57th expedition outside of the walls. Everyone knows that blood will be spilled, but just how much? How much will time be altered with certain people's decisions? A tiny tear in fate, can change the fates of many others.
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Shingeki no Kyojin RP: Bringing peace to Wall Maria
Do you want to protect those you love from the man eating Titans? Do you bear a grudge against the Titans? If you do, then join the Survey Corps and help take back Wall Maria! You can RP as your favorite Canon characters and/or your own OCs!
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Attack on Titan: Warring Countries
Marly is not the only country with possession of titan shifting powers, and Thana is starting to take notice of the increasing titan activity on Paradis island. What will having other countries in play change in this war of humanity and titans?
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Attack on Titan: The RP
Attack on Titan roleplay! All roleplayers must be of at least a semi-literate writing level.
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Association Pour la Défense d'Erwin Smith
[Fermé] L'APDES lutte avec honneur et bravoure pour rétablir la vérité sur cet homme merveilleux qu'est Erwin Smith. Entrez, on ne mord pas...
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Attack on Titan Rp
Attack on Titan Rp! Warning I ship ErenXLevi HARD! and ArminXJean!
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Attack on Titan rollplay!
Another 100 years of peace have passed and in this time humanity has managed to put up another 3 walls, just when it really seems as though there is a chance 2 of the walls are completely destroyed practically over night by a titan who was neither seen nor heard. luckily technology has made great advances in this time, new weapons and forms of communication exist! create a character and enter a world where you may very well be its last hope.
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Offer Your Hearts (SnK RP)
(Non Canon roleplay) 860, Humanity has lived like a caged bird for as long as it can remember. Trapped inside a pen, longing for freedom and a life outside the accursed walls. Will you just stand there, and live your life as cattle, or will you fight, and join the battle? Offer up your hearts, for the freedom of humanity!
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Attack On Titan - RP
Two centuries have come and gone since the first attack on the walls. Once again the inhabitants of Wall Sina, Wall Rose, and Wall Maria are safe due to the efforts of their ancestors. They believed everything had finally come to an end, but they were wrong. You know what they say, you're at your most vulnerable when you feel safest. OC Only
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The Grim Reminder
Stare into your reflection and tell me what you see; A soldier? Fighting for humanity, protecting its threshold with all of your being? Or are you a coward who hides behind walls you might not always be able to rely on? Decide now. Will you give your heart for humanity?
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Attack on Titan:Relight
An attack on titan redux RP that takes place as of the graduation section of the series and will redo a good deal of things and have some epic original arcs,OC's welcome but cannon is mandatory.
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Attack on Titan RP Cannon and OC
Yet another SNK RP forum. One cannon per person and as many OC's as you think you can keep up with. Looking for mods as well if you have the time to commit to it. Rating can go anywhere, I don't care.
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We Are The Hunters
[Until otherwise stated, this roleplay is private for friends who have been asked to join. Sorry about that.] Just a "Shingeki no Kyojin" roleplay. OCs accepted.
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Attack on Titan RP
OC roleplay, and chat. Welcoming canon character claims as well.
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We Are the Hunters
Our enemy has no fear, no remorse, no mercy. The eotena have driven us to the very brink of extinction, hunted us merely for sport. Now, humanity must fight back... It is finally time.. that we hunt them.
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Kyojin no Sureiyāzu
They are the prey and we are the hunters. Join the military to bring humanity back to its former glory. The survey corps, strong, free, and brave. The outside world is our birthright, and we will fight to the death to reclaim what is ours. The garrison, calm, intelligent, and tactful. We are the last of humanity, cooperate and live as one. The military police, driven by undying loyalty to our majesty. Protect their grace at all costs.
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Shingeki no College AU
(( CLOSED. Private Roleplayers already enrolled Only.)) Feel free to read though.
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Attack On Titan: Next Generation
All the heroes from the Generation we knew are either old or dead. But, their children carry on their legacies. Come roleplay as a canon or as an OC. {Active}
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Attack on Titan RP (:
About a century after the happenings of the anime, the Titans break through Wall Maria once again, ravaging on humanity. Unprepared for it, we take a toll on lives. History is repeating itself but with a whole different set of heroes. OC only :3
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Attack On Titan RP
Come create or claim your character and join us in the suspenseful world of SNK!
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FanFiction Misfits (Anime Lovers)
For Authors, Readers, and Lovers of anime..come.. lets band together and toast to great times. Alright, everyone is welcomed to join. Open to any posts. Need advice? Have a story suggestion? Want to participate in a contest? How about just talk? That's what this forum is all about. We are all mature here, censoring is not enforced (have you read my stories? ;)
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