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Attack on Titan: The RP
Attack on Titan roleplay! All roleplayers must be of at least a semi-literate writing level.
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Attack on Titan Rp
Attack on Titan Rp! Warning I ship ErenXLevi HARD! and ArminXJean!
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Attack on Titan rollplay!
Another 100 years of peace have passed and in this time humanity has managed to put up another 3 walls, just when it really seems as though there is a chance 2 of the walls are completely destroyed practically over night by a titan who was neither seen nor heard. luckily technology has made great advances in this time, new weapons and forms of communication exist! create a character and enter a world where you may very well be its last hope.
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Attack On Titan - RP
Two centuries have come and gone since the first attack on the walls. Once again the inhabitants of Wall Sina, Wall Rose, and Wall Maria are safe due to the efforts of their ancestors. They believed everything had finally come to an end, but they were wrong. You know what they say, you're at your most vulnerable when you feel safest. OC Only
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The Grim Reminder
Stare into your reflection and tell me what you see; A soldier? Fighting for humanity, protecting its threshold with all of your being? Or are you a coward who hides behind walls you might not always be able to rely on? Decide now. Will you give your heart for humanity?
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Attack on Titan Rp: The Special Titan Force - Beta
Semi-AU Attack on Titan rp. Humanity has discovered the way to create it's most powerful weapon- The Titan Shifter. However, very few individuals are compatible with the procedure- there are only six known Shifters in existence. These special six, their Handlers, and an elite guard make up the almost legendary group, The Special Titan Force - Beta!
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Shingeki no College AU
(( CLOSED. Private Roleplayers already enrolled Only.)) Feel free to read though.
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Attack on Titan OC RP
150 years later in the future Wall Maria has been recaptured very much due to because of the 104th trainee squads and everyone else effort . Though recent events and some how the reappearance of a colossal titan. Humanity has once again received a grim reminder.
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Attack On Titan: Thousand Yard Soldier RP
They are the prey and we are the Hunters, will you stand up and revert this massacre? Will you fight side by side with your brothers? Saving your own skin or risking all to protect all others? Join us in 845 when it all began... when the titans made all realise that this world is not strictly for man.
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Attack on Titan RP (:
About a century after the happenings of the anime, the Titans break through Wall Maria once again, ravaging on humanity. Unprepared for it, we take a toll on lives. History is repeating itself but with a whole different set of heroes. OC only :3
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Attack On Titan RP
Come create or claim your character and join us in the suspenseful world of SNK!
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We Are the Hunters
Our enemy has no fear, no remorse, no mercy. The eotena have driven us to the very brink of extinction, hunted us merely for sport. Now, humanity must fight back... It is finally time.. that we hunt them. (OC roleplay, to claim a canon character you will be given a trial run outside the main RP and judged by mods. For some characters I suggest watching the OVA episodes. More information inside.)
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It's 2015 and the streets are lined with dirt and the people are starving. Former soldiers of the corrupt military have broken off to form their own underground military. These rebels are known to be skilled in hand to hand combat and parkour. Currently, they are investigating the government's top secret project, known only as the 'Project Titan'. All they know is that humans are being experimented on in an attempt to create new weapons. [AoT OC/Canon RP]
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Wings of Freedom
They are the prey, and we are the hunters! Join the Cadet Corps and fight for the sake of humanity's survival against the monstrous Titans! We will be following the Manga, in terms of story. Literate RP - do not apply if you can't read and write at above high school level. Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
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Life Behind the Walls
In this world full of titans, there is struggle for survival. Humanity has always lived in fear behind the Walls. Do you have what it takes to be a soldier? Step forth and prove your worth! AU
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Attack on Titans Rpg
this is for all Aot fans to rpg !
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Attack on Titan RP: The New Generation
RP in the Attack on Titan universe! OCs Only, NO Canons!
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snk apocalypse au
Private RP forum.
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Kyojin No Chōsen
Welcome to Kyojin No Chōsen, the dedicated forum for the submission of Attack On Titan Fanfiction challenges. If you have an idea for an AoT fanfic you want to see written, adopted, or want help in writing, then this is the place to look! Thanks to moose512 of Alphacoders for uploading the banner source.
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Attack on Titans Rpg
this is for all Aot fans to rpg !
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Shingeki No Roleplay
Humanity stands on its last legs. Slowly, Titans move in on the remaining walls that have provided shelter for so long, now little more than a prison. Shall you be of the brave few to fight back, or shall you merely await death?
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Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack On Titan Role Play! OCs will be accepted for some threads. First come first serve on show characters!
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Crazy RP!
Everyone-pick a character! Please no spoilers! Crazy RP is about basically where the people who wanna RP pick there character, doesn't matter who, and RP along the topic: A Squad of Survey Corp solders in in an exhibition to scout out the surrounding land and clear it of titans my when Hange goes wild and disappears onto the forest. One by one she picks of the Squad members as they try to capture her without killing her.
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Let's Talk AoT
Hey AoT fans! Let's talk cosplay, ships, polls, fails, RP, and why we like AoT! Please, put spoiler warnings!
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Otaku's Unite!
If your bored and consider yourself an otaku join! I accept roleplays and have no problem being part of any anime/manga/videogame/movie conversation.
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