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Azumanga Daioh: Anything and Everything
Do you love Azumanga Daioh? Got questions that need answering? Maybe you just need to bounce around an idea or two! Well, my friends, you have come to the right place.
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Melon Buns 'R' Us
The place where melon buns are worshipped, cat men are little girls' dads, and pure randomness reigns.
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Azumanga Yuri Couples
Who do you think should go with who?
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Azumanga Daioh! Yaaaay!
Who's your favorite charater? Your favorite pairing? Your favorite episode? Tell me!
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The Azumaverse Sagas
A forum for fanwork in the world and alternative worlds of Kiyohiko Azuma's body of work not just Axumanga Daioh but also Yotsubato!. The ongoing series The Tao of Osakasensei and Kyuuketsu Yomi are discussed here.
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Steps of Anime adiction
When you know you are different
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Krono's Azuverse
A place where you can see what I'm up to with my Azumanga Daioh ficsand maybe give me a bit of advice.
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Favorite Azumanga Daioh Crossovers
Come here to discuss your favorite Azumanga Daioh crossovers
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Ubiquitous Nightmare and Azumanga Daioh forum
Come one and all, here are topics revolving around the 'Ubiquitous Nightmare' story, as well as anything else to do with Azumanga Daioh. Got a pairing you want to chat about? Have any burning queries over the story? Please, I bid you welcome.
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Azumanga Daioh Yuri
Do U like yuri? What about Azumanga Daioh? Well then this is the place for U! v
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Azu RP
here is the place to RPing about azumanga daoi
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Venom117's Azhesverse
A forum to discuss/ask questions/Give Ideas about the world in my story 'Ashes'.
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