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The Daily Days
Based on the information firm of the same name, this forum is a place to discuss the events of Baccano! and the many colorful characters within, from the origins on the Advena Avis to its many "ruckuses" centuries later!
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More Commotion! Baccano RP
It's a Baccano! RP, come on in and join the ruckas! OC's acceptable once we get all of the main characters
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Of Trains, Bootleggers, and Psychopaths: Baccano!
Welcome everyone to a free discussion/RP group! Here you can discuss both the anime and light novels as well as participate in a RP with other loyal fans of Baccano! Have a favorite character? Something you want to talk about that happened in the light novels? Come chat with other fans of the series and perhaps make a few friends along the way!
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The Baccano! Roleplay
A Baccano! roleplay of epic proportions. Private, friends only! Aikiku, Vampire Note, JiseiHakushaku.
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