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Bakugan Dimensions
Ignore the name, I just felt like using the word Dimensions
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Bakugan Battle Club
We all love bakugan don't we? So join in on our randomness about this anime! :D
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I just wanna Role play. I don't care if it's with OC's or Canon characters. Bakugan Role play..
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New Bakugan rp
Here you can rp as the battle brawlers or rp as an OC
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Easy to be Friends
This forum is filled with important memories. I met amazing people who tolerated me despite the fact that I acted like an absolute cocky idiot. I met friends and I lost them because I couldn't keep in touch with them. This forum helped me grow up. I want to thank everyone who was a part of it :D
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Brawler Realm
A place where Bakugan fans can chat about anything Bakugan! There's even a battle field and a set of rules and guidlines for RP and brawling! Enjoy! If there are any topics you want tell me and I'll make them!
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A Bakugan RP
a bakugan RP just cause i felt like it. don't get the wrong idea, i put plenty of thought into this... for three seconts... the brawls i mite need some help with though... don't like them mutch...
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The Flaming Dragon, A Bakugan RP
20 years after the events of Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Naga returns. He is trying to Summon an all power Bakugan called," Doragon Kuchiku-Kan,". Kids soon discover his plans. They plan to defeat him, like the brawlers. Question is, are you up to help? Can use existing Bakugan: Not any of the brawlers. Can create your own.
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Comunidad: ¡Mundo Bakugan!
Hola a todos y bienvenidos a ¡Mundo Bakugan!, aquí disfrutaran de los retos como también de las historias que aquí se escribirán así que si eres un fanático de la lectura y de Bakugan no lo dudes, entra ya y pasa una tarde emocionante junto con tus amigos ¡y utiliza tu creatividad como nunca antes has hecho!
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Everything Bakugan and Beyond
A forum where we can talk, RP stuff, discuss bakugan, discuss fanfiction and have fun. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join! I made this as a homage to my times RPing in Bakugan Dimensions and Easy to be Friends, let's see if we can match up with them ;) Hope you'll drop in and chat!
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Bakugan Roleplay
You can only use your own made up bakugan,if you want to use an existing bakugan, you must play as that character, I will have a page for the original characters.PLEASE JOIN!
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¡Bienvenidos a Haibaku DECIBEL! Renovado y listo. SOLO FANÁTICOS DE BAKUGAN
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Bakugan: A New Beginning
15 years after the original Bakugan came to Earth, mankind has created a portal world where Bakugan and humans can interact. Will you come in peace, or be an illegal Bakugan cage fighter.
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Bakugan BRAWL
Got a nice story you know and liked to share? Have an OC you'd like the world to know? Or just want to plain rp, chat and have fun? Well this forum is for you! Let's brawl brawlers!
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Save New Vestroia!
This is the forum for my story with the same tittle
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Bakugan Love
A forum dedicated to the highly underdone, Bakugan Yaoi. Why not!
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Brawlers, Elder's, and kids Oc's
Just a roleplay on the brawlers, my OC's that are the Brawlers older sisters and brothers. They have kids that are also, my OC's. Anyone is welcome to join or add into the roleplay.
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Best Pairings
Who do you think should be paired together? Why? Which pairings are already paired that you like? Dislike?
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Bakugan Haven
The Brawlers have built their very own hotel in an island in the Pacific. Here, brawlers can hang out, brawl, and have a good time for however long they need to. OCs and Cannons acceptable!
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Bakugan: Cross Dimension Warriors
A witch who battles the main character Kagura Kurogani places a curse on all of vestroia taking characters from all kinds of different anime and turns them into bakugan. the anime characters are from bleach, naruto, and the dragonball series( DB, Z, GT) and now vestroia is slowly starting to dissapear.
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this is an easy challenge in this you have to write a story about the brawlers childhood and how they became friends
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Bakugan RP
It all started when cards started falling from the sky...
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OC's wanted!
You want your OC's to be in my next story? Well, this is the place to do it! :P
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Bakugan Brawl! Bakugan STAND!
HEY! I need some more charatars for my story, so if you want to be in it, say name, height, age, sex, looks and say: if you where in the Bakugan series NOT New Vestoria, it sucks, personally. who would you: A: Date B: Have in your normal Bakugan pile
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Bakugan Winter Awards 2010
I've decided that since there has never been an award show that has worked, I will make my own. Come cast your votes for your favorite authors and their stories.
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