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I just wanna Role play. I don't care if it's with OC's or Canon characters. Bakugan Role play..
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Bakugan RP Forum
Remember when Bakugan wasn't dead? Me too.
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A Bakugan RP
a bakugan RP just cause i felt like it. don't get the wrong idea, i put plenty of thought into this... for three seconts... the brawls i mite need some help with though... don't like them mutch...
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Bakugan Reset!
It all started when these cards fell from the sky, it felt like yesterday...Wait? It was? That's right folks! We're taking Bakugan back to the beginning! Welcome to when the so called "game" of Bakugan was at it's start! When Naga first absorbed the Silent Core! When Drago first met Dan and became partners! And now, you get to be a part of it! Bakugan Brawl!
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Bakugan: The Fight for Vestroia
(Bakugan AU with some elements from the original.) One day, everything changed when random cards fell from the sky and a group of young men and women made a game out of them; Bakugan. You all know the rest, so without any further ado, an AU Bakugan RP!
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Bakugan Battle Squad
A new generation of Brawlers are born to stop a new foe. Can they, using their partner Bakugan, assemble and prevail, or will they drift apart, and fail?
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Bakugan Haven
The Brawlers have built their very own hotel in an island in the Pacific. Here, brawlers can hang out, brawl, and have a good time for however long they need to. OCs and Cannons acceptable!
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Bakugan: Cross Dimension Warriors
A witch who battles the main character Kagura Kurogani places a curse on all of vestroia taking characters from all kinds of different anime and turns them into bakugan. the anime characters are from bleach, naruto, and the dragonball series( DB, Z, GT) and now vestroia is slowly starting to dissapear.
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the story of drakain
devin wakabayashi loses a bakugan battle to ahuji the shcool bully a day after he is on fronted by a bakugan who claims his owner threw away because of his weakness the bakugan does seem to be weak at first but shortly after their first loss the bakugan claims he is tried of losing and the two embark on the magical journey that is ... bakugan
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Bakugan RP
It all started when cards started falling from the sky...
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