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Beyblade RP: Bladers Reunion!
Hey people! You can be a original character or an OC. Come on in and let it rip!
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Role Play Beyblade!
Creat your OC's here and play with them and the others :
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Roleplay Beyblade
this is a new roleplay for beyblade. there aren't a lot out there. here's one to add to your choices!
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Beyblade Discussion
Seen a good fic that hasn't gotten the recognition it deserves? Have a fic that has no reviews? Advertise here! Also, discussion board open about Metal Fight Beyblade, OC rants and character bashing haters.
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Why do you like Kai?
This forum is to discuss the reasons why Kai is sooooooo hot. I dont like Kai and i dont understand why hes so popular. Maybe you could tell me?
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Beyblade Community Project
We've got some crazy amounts of talent in this fandom. Why not collaborate?
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Beyblade OC Clichés
Found an Beyblade OC cliché that made your skin crawl or roll your eyes in contempt at its sheer stupidity? Then this is the place for you! Get it all off your chest by ranting and raving about it in good company. Rules within. No flames allowed.
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Yaoi, curse or blessing?
Do you think Yaoi is a curse of blessing? Get your say here
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Beyblade beyblades
I have a beyblade, but its no good if no one around you likes it... Who has the same problem? No one to beybattle?
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BeyBladers Hangout
Just a fun place for Beyblade Fans to hangout, ask for help/feedback for Stories, have a chat and Rp. Come in Everyone is welcome!
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New Pairings That You Want To See Written
Give me some ideas of stories and pairings you want to see me do. I think because I've been doing the same pairings for so long, I'm being to lose sight of my writings.
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DYSTOPIA: Beyblade RP, anyone? D
Nor way, mate. I'm no' tellin' you frig here. If you're that curious, get your arses in here and feel around for a bit D
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TyKa, KaiTaka, and Everything in between!
From the person who brought you the Firestorm of Love. Come and talk about your favorite Shonen ai couple and your latest story ideas! Jay: That is so lame. Kay: I know! .
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Role play, anyone? :
Feel like role playing? Well here's the place to do it! Almost anything is accepted - but no Mary-Sues/original characters, please, kthnx.
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Beyblade season 4?
Whether your reaction is "WTF are they thinking!" or "Finally, a new season!", do share your thoughts on this 4th season.
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Beyblade Writers Inc
Just a little forum I've made to discuss writing Beyblade. Talk about plots, the show, ideas and fanfics etc.
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Platiquemos de Beyblade
Muchos fics de beyblade en español, pero no veo movimiento en los foros. Pongamos un poco de color a esto y platiquemos del beyblade. Haré TODO lo posible por mantener este nuevo foro activo... Aprendiendo a usarlo.
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Bey Park
3! 2! 1! LET IT RIP! Welcome to Bey Park where you can meet with Gingka,Benkei,Kyoya,Madoka,Kenta,and Hyoma. Or you can battle me Mahenta Mihokai,and my Stellar Chimera! Or even help Gingka,Benkei,Kyoya,Madoka,Kenta,Hyoma,and I in our fight with the Olymp
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A discussion on our favourite pairing!
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Beyblade OC roleplay
This is for beyblade oc's to roleplay : HAVE FUN MII LUVLYS
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KaRe wave
Following in the footsteps of YuBo wave, we are here to get more Beyblade stories out, this time featuring KaixRei! Join in if you dare.
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Beyblade RP
Welcome to the Beyblade World Class Tournament! I'm your host, DJ JD. Enter to compete for the top spot on the charts of the tournament and bring home the gold.
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A phoenix and his tamer
Mostly about Hilary and Kai if you haven't already figured it out and everything they share their love, friendship, relationship, etc. Try not to flame! Thank you!
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Team psykick
Is there more people that me who like team psykick -Kane, Salima, Jim and Goki-? It seem to be few people who do.
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What's this?
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