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Black Cat RPG
Please join! Takes place during Black Cat story line.
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Black Cat Couples
What's your favourite pairing in Black Cat? Do you like Rins X Jenos, or maybe Creed X Train? Or do you like none at all? Express your opinion on BC relationships here! All pairings welcome, including het, yaoi, yuri, pedo, shota, incest, etc...
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Black Cat
This is a place where anyone can chat about Black Cat. You can also rope play here using OC's or whatever. I just started watching Black Cat because I had previously read some of the manga. I'm not very far but I soon will be. Anyone who wants to talk abo
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Black Cat RP
A new and recent Black Cat forum. Currently being set up, but anyone is still welcome to join it and create an OC.
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Black Cat Talk
This is just random talks and Q&A's about Black Cat and various Black Cats Fanfics.
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Black Cat Roleplay
Please join!
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Anything Black Cat!
The title says it all. If you have something you want to say about the series, say it here!
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Creed x Sephiria : so uhh anyone else thinks this can be hot?
Hi! Came up with this idea out of nowhere. Gotta admit, I found it interesting. Anyone else agrees?
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Saya and Train
Why you dislike Saya and Train pairing? Why you like Saya and Train pairing? For me, Saya suits Train the best!
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Black Cat Talk
Here talk about what you know about Black cat being in the US, any character's past you'd like to share, who you like or dislike, etc.
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Friday the XIIIth
Train Hearnet...Love'em? Hate'em? Talk about it here! Obsessive fangirls? Come on in! lol. Bashers? Knock yourself out! Come on in too! Arguements, opinionated, OC, and pairing discussions!
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Anything I decided to change the title because no
Well, I went ahead and changed the name... still basically about Black Cat...
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kingdom hearts and black cat rpgs
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Signs of Love Shaolee Xiao Li Fans
This Forum to Fans about Character Black Cat Lin Xiao Li . If You're like or love Black Cat and love Lin Xiao li / Lin Shaolee. Come join for me . .
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Black Cat Fans!
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