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Black Lagoon: Blood War!
This is 30 years into the future of the original series where the 'Old' is now replace with the 'New' and now things are even more hectic and dangerous around Roanapur even despite things have change with the people who used to live there, but the city is still full crime though. Come and create your OC or claim a Canon and join the action and adventure of this New Era!
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Black Lagoon: Island of Blood and Sin RP
Roanapur, a city of thieves, mob bosses, crime and violence. The perfect place for those with particular talents to grow rich and fat. Just don't go around pissing people off, most of them are packing, and they're not very friendly. Good Luck. You'll need it.
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From the Deck of the Lagoon
A place to discuss matters relating to Black Lagoon
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Black Lagoon- Sandbox
A forum where you can create and RP your own group, character, and/or play as a Canon!
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Black Lagoon: The City at the End of the World
Welcome to Roanapur, Thailand. A place for psychopaths. You can RP as a merciless mercenary, a licentious prostitute, a monopoly-building mob boss and more. Or you can come and claim a Canon. Come, if you dare, and try to take the city as your own, but becareful, because everyone else wants the throne and they're all packing. Home sweet home.
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Roanapur Nights
Welcome to Roanapur, Thailand the city where psychopaths roam free. It is currently 1987, and the city is ripe for the picking. Become a mercenary, a thug, a prostitute and more, as you try to climb the rungs of society's ladder and rule the city as your own; but be careful, everyone else wants it just as bad as you do.
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Black Lagoon Lounge
Come tried Mercs, come here and discuss whatever it is you want about Black Lagoon. Wither it be the anime, the manga, a fanfic idea you may need help with. Anything, just keep it civil. This is a place of peace, not war. Need moderators
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Black Lagoon: A City on the Edge
Roanapur, the 90s. These are the chronicles of lives caught in the Criminal Underworld. Everyone has a story to tell. How will they leave their marks in a city on the edge of chaos? Hell awaits!
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Black Lagoon's Final Arc
A discussion forum for what Black Lagoon's final arc might involve.
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