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Black Rock Shooter
Discussion, roleplay, and chat related to Black Rock Shooter or anything else that tickles your fancy. We're not picky.
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The world of conflicting emotions
Your oc is who your emotion.
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Black Rock Shooter Roleplay ( Accepting ! )
500 years passed from what happened in the Other world, everything was so peacful, until one day, something went wrong ... there were students all over Japan that had an Other self in the Other world, fighting. And now, if no one will stop them, they will create chaos to the Other world and the Normal world.
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BlackRock Shooter vs Kaiser Belial
After few months, Belial has awoken and has known as Kaiser Belial, and taken up a new conquest for universal domination. Having gained two allies in his conquest, as well as creating millions of robot servants known individually as the Legionoids and the Darklops, Belial attacks the kingdom of Esmeralda. Taking the kingdom hostage and brainwashing the guardian of the planet, Kaiser Belial is victorious in capturing the kingdom. Back in the BlackCity, the city is attacked by one
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Beyond Boundaries Wiki
A wikia for the Beyond Boundary series. If this doesn't work out, i'll just use my deviant art.
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