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Bleach RPG
A Bleach rpg forum that anyone can join. Come and visit us for a good time. No prior experience needed.
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Bleached Chaos RP
Repairing the forum, will be ready soon!
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Bleach into the Darkness
A bleach forum set in the past and present,a dark force is approaching and could destroy everything,join the Gotei-13 and Ichigo Kurosaki as they battle this threat,but they will not be alone the Vizards,Urahara's group,and a new group shall assist stop the threat of hell!(Cannon mandatory OC's okay)
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Bleach Roleplay
This public roleplay consists of Canon Characters only and OCs. We have begun on a Four Horseman type of arc that is currently in planning with 'hybrid' characters and a new 'link' race. Anyone is welcome to join! This is a fun environment with a variety of roleplayers who are always happy to meet new people!
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Bleach RP
its been ten years and everyone has gone on with their lives but just now the hollows and arrancars have came back and its up to a new generation has to step up and fight.
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Black & White IchiRuki
This is about IchiRuki and how they're better than any other pairing
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A forum to talk about the crack couple of Hitsugaya Toushirou/Kuchiki Rukia. Likes, dislikes, haters, supporters, anything about the couple! Join the HitsuRuki-Army!
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Bleach: New Souls
This is an OC RP. No canons allowed Unless specified, ofcourse . Make your character and join the RP! :D
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Bleach: Descent Into Darkness
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Favorite Bleach Characters
Come here and discuss your favorite or not so favorite Bleach characters in a well organized & moderated forum, or just stop by to chat! Feel free to add more threads as needed - just make sure to read the rules first! Thanks!
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Bleach High School
Ever wondered what would happen if all Bleach Characters didn't have Shingami powers or anything and evryone was just a regular human? Well this is going to answer that! Come and rp with Canons or OCs! Let's just see what happens!
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Alma De Guardia RP, and Chat
This is a closed Rp and only Reaper Rites, Angels and Immortal's, Ize09, and Fanfiction Atic 2012 may message on this particular forum.
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Bleach Roleplay, Anyone?
Come here to rp! Remember to read the rules. The main one shall be in Soul Society, but feel free to create your own thread for a different RPG!
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Bleach: New Horizon
Following the defeat of the Wandenreich, the Soul Society and Huecu Mundo were forced into a time shift that allowed 1000 years to pass in the blink of an eye. Now, there are new Captains, new enemies, and more. Which side will you pick? (Active as of 22/04/2015)
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Bleach RP Alive!
I noticed that there's too many half dead Bleach RP's, so I thought I'd make one of my own! This'll be a non canon RP, so feel free to join!
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A Bleach RP All are welcome!
This RP has been dead for a while unfortunately, But i am going to attempt to revive it xD This is a casual RP so no, I wont bug you to post everyday : Feel free to sit back, and chill out in the chat room :3
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Hueco Mundo RP!
An RP set in Las Noches! You know you want to!
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Bleach Roleplay
This is a Bleach Roleplay set after the Episode 366. Everyone is back to normal, Ichiho is once again a substitute soul reaper thanks to Rukia, Kisuke and his own dad. Ichigo needs to get use to his powers again, and reunite with the 13 court guard squads. Have they changed? Would they welcome him back as one of their own? And why are old arrancars reappearing? Could it be that when Ichigo went to hell to save his friends that instead of breaking Kokuto's chains he also broke the chains of the sinning arran
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Bleach Epic RP
Role-play in Bleach go into the human world and soul society. Make an OC, Clam charters, Make friends and have fun. :D Join us we have cookies don't believe me talk to Gin (::)
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Bleach: We the Shingami of the Gotei 13
Takes place a little while after Ichigo left. Oc 's and canon characters welcome!
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Bleach Romances Fanfiction Contest
Got a soft spot for love stories? Tired of the same old pairings and want to see something different? Write something different? Well then, this might be the spot for you! Come on in and try out Bleach's only Romance Contest!
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Bleach: Severance
A Bleach RP..Duh!
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Bleach Chaos: Revival
"Jumping at the small chances may get us there more quickly than just waiting for one big one to happen. And if a chance doesn't knock, we build a door."
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Bleach: The Imperial War
A strange new Shinigami named Tenchu has reappeared. He is cold, intellgent and powerful. He has his own army and will crush all who stand in his way. The otherworld needs all the help it can get, Shinigami or not. Will you help defeat this new foe?
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