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Bleach RPG
A Bleach rpg forum that anyone can join. Come and visit us for a good time. No prior experience needed.
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Bleach: Descent Into Darkness
ACTIVE - After the war against the Shikama, the young heroes return home. 1 year later a new enemy has risen from the forsaken sands of Hueco Mundo.
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Repetitious Souls
A simple Bleach RP forum for anybody interested.This takes place after everyone in Bleach has passed away,but they are not forgotten.A new era for new Shinigamis,Hollows,Vizards,Zanpakutos,and Captains of the Gotei 13.Though,the past people may be gone,but will their mistakes happen again or will new ones be caused for the same reasons?
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Bleach RP: Bridge Between Worlds
Bleach RP from the anime/manga. Choose your path as a Shinigami, Hollow, or human. No canon characters. Year 2014.
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Scattered Souls
300 Years after the war with the Quincies, a new generation of Shinigami have arrived, along with dangerous new threats and enemies. Will you fight for the Shinigami? The Hollow? Or for yourself?
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Hecho MundoThe Unknown Arrancar
We all know Aizen made hundreds of arrancar but only a few were introduced to us, so what about all the others? Come create an arrancar or shinigami, or even claim a canon character.
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Bleach: War for Soul (RP)
Many years have past since Ichigo became the hero he is known as today. Now a new generation has taken up the challenge of keeping both the living world and the soul society safe, but a new bread of enemy has grown and threatens to destroy the very fabric of life and death.
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Bleach: Tumultuous Times in Hueco Mundo - The Arrancar Civil War
[ACTIVE AS OF 8/16/2014][NOW OPEN] Arrancar. Once considered Aizen's abominations, they had finally found peace with Soul Society. Until the Civil War started, that is. With tensions high, can civilization survive in the blood-soaked sands? (Hollow/Arrancar-centric RP)
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Bleach: Newcomers
When a bunch of Soul Reapers get assigned to Karakura, they meet up with the group from the anime. What adventures will they share? Join to find out!
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Bleach Roleplay
The winter war is over. But Soul Society has a new problem, the Espada are alive thanks to Tier Halibe which brought them back using a fragment of a hougyoku. She found the fragment in one of the numerous rooms in Las Noches. And they had enough, they can not live anymore in Hueco Mundo, they what to move to Soul Society, and they are willing to fight for it. They managed to take over district 68, and they can not be removed from there, the war is still going on, but at a slow pace.
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OC Worlds
Just a little RP forum for me and my friends.
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Bleach Role Play
A strictly OC Bleach Roleplay. Create an oc. Quincey's, Arrancar, Fraccion, Shinigami, and humans alike, all are accepted! If you wanna create a brand new Plot Arc, or follow the original, come and join at any time!
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Bleach Roleplay
This Bleach Roleplay is only for Original Characters (Oc's) only. Please join. We are going by the original Bleach Storyline/Plot. I also might add a twist or two.
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Bleach roleplaying group Another one lol :D
Hello! Welcome to another roleplay group. This is for Bleach. I have recently started watching it but don't worry I'm on episode 75 (That will change the longer I watch it) please don't spoiler anything for me unless you necessary have to thank you. You are allow to be a Cannon Character and be an Out of Character. I roleplay extremely different so I call my crush. So sorry but it's Uryu Ishida. If I don't answer right away it's probably because I'm busy. Also I'm super nice and I expect you to be nice to.
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bleach naruto crossover
Create an oc, gain the trust of the hokage, soul society, or both. Be a shinigami or shinobi maybe both. #1 rule have fun:D Also read the rules.
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Bleach Couples RPG
A RPG for Bleach Pairings! Put in a canon couple or OC, anyone can join! You can make your Oc or claim a couple! No flaming each other pairings please eg IchiRuki vs IchiHime! Please Join!
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Bleach Multi-World Multi-Time RP
LOOKING FOR PEOPLE TO PLAY EVERY CHARACTER FROM BLEACH INCLUDING MAIN CHARACTERS! This is a forum for all Bleach fans who wish to do some heavy RP! (New forum so bare with me...)
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Crazy bleach rp
Crazy and very random. Very few rules. Crazy OCs encouraged. The stranger the better.
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Bleach RP
Come create your Shinigami/Arrancar! Choosing mods!
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Bleach Roleplay
I thought of roleplaying, and making a 1x1 RP. I don't mind if it's more than one person though. This will probably be a short RP, I don't know for now. I really just wanted to roleplay. If you want to as well, it's alright; go right in. I RP as myself here, more or less. It revolves around the concept of us being characters, and "what if we OURSELVES had Zanpakutos?" So, yeah, I guess this would be me if I was a Shinigami, and my Zanpakuto fits my personality, I guess. I guess. I'm a Shinigami in this RP (
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Bleach Next Generation
This a forum where you can make story of your own its your. Choice in this forum
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Bleach:Hand of Fate
10,00 years after the Events of Aizen's upheaval all seems well in Seireitei, but something bad looms on the horizon. The Gotei 13 have broken a treaty made by the King himself. And now he's angry, he decides that the only punishment is to destroy the Gotei 13 and rebuild it. But in order to do this he enlists the help of a ancient order only known as the death dealers. All that is know about Death Dealers is that they are ghosts, and suspected in the destruction of many civilizations.
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Bleach: Shadows of the Past
The past is something you cannot escape; sooner or later, it will catch up with you. 200 years ago, Soul Society was reminded of this cruel lesson and the world was nearly destroyed. Since then they have recovered and rebuilt and there has been a long time of peace. But threats lurk in the shadows, waiting to make their move; some new, some old...
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Currently under construction. Please be patient.
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