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Bleach: Soul Legacy
Welcome to the next generation of Bleach! Be the offspring of your favorite Cannon(s) or an OC. You can post your own adventure with the rest of us or simply insert your character into the actual series and see what happens!
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Bleach: The Imperial War (Defunct)
A strange new Shinigami named Tenchu has reappeared. He is cold, intellgent and powerful. He has his own army and will crush all who stand in his way. The otherworld needs all the help it can get, Shinigami or not. Will you help defeat this new foe?
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El Gotei 13
¡Bienvenido al Gotei 13! En este foro siéntete libre de explorar pues no serás considerado un ryoka, entra en los retos mensuales, diviértete con los pequeños juegos (sean por coña o rol) y forma lazos con los demás miembros. Si eres un nuevo fan o llevas tiempo siguiendo la serie, consíderate bienvenido entre nuestras filas.
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Challenge Paradise: Bleach
This is a sub-forum of my Challenge Paradise forum. People can post their challenges, contests and requests to the forum.
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Bleach Fanfiction Challenges
A forum that's here to provide a fun challenge for those seeking it, or a much needed cure for writer's block! Join here!
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