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Brothers Conflict Roleplay Auditions Contest
Contes Details: There is one forum topic for each of the characters, please comment something like I want to try out for this role on the forum topic. I'm allowing the first 10 people who have commented to try out. And don't worry if you don't get picked don't take it to heart, because I will hold other auditions after 2 months time. So other people will have a chance. To audition you must write a one shot including the character your trying out for as the main one, please include the other main characters.
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Brothers Conflict: Fan Guide
Basically just a compilation of info related to Brothers Conflict, gathered from official materials such as the novel, game, and anime. Thus, this forum will be full of spoilers. Hopefully this will be useful for anyone who seeks to make fanfics that sticks to the original setting.
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Brothers Conflict: Roleplay, Chats, And More
Hey Guys! Here you can go ahead and roleplay with the characters of Brothers Conflict, Chat about the anime, or write small fanfictions bout them. Hope you guys enjoy using this forum to the full extent. See my other forum to "audition" for the roles.
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brothers conflict
This is my first time going this
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I’ll Never Let You Go
Can he prove his love os greater than her sorrow? Amd will she be able to push the past aside to accept his love?
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