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Pet Peeves about Fanfics
What makes you want to scream and pull your hair out when you read CCS fanfics? The overused story lines? The major OOCness? The nonCANON? Or is it something else entirely? This is the place where your rantings can fly free.
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Sakura's Personalities
Sakura seems to have tons of different personalities in fanfic. Which one would you prefer?
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Comunidad Sakuriana
¡Hey! ¡Hey! ¡Entra! Eres Bienvenido a la Nueva Comunidad Sakuriana de FanFiction ! :) Dónde podrás encontrar retos de historias, consejos y gente loca como tú ;D
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I Challenge You!
Ready for anyone wishing to do a challenge, just introduce yourself! Also a new "Fic Request" thread, for more individually tailored ones! :
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Card captors: return of the cards
Sakura has been gone for a long time now, and the cards get restless. With the seal of the cards becoming waeker as time moves on, they eventually break it, skattering once again. Now new captors are needed, can you find and seal all the cards once again? Or will they continue to run amuck and cause mischiouf?
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Card Captor Sakura- The RolePlay- Cards Re-Opened
After Sakura recollects all the cards, they end up getting split into smaller decks. They end up being sold to children, some with good hearts some with bad. The result of this? ..Is too be found out. (NO CANON CHARACTERS, OC'S ONLY. WE WILL ALWAYS ACCEPT NEW MEMBERS!
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Sword, Key, Magic And A Little SS
Discuss Cardcaptor Sakura. Debate. Play games. Rant. Be random. Be yourself. Have fun, and meet other talented authors. There is so much to do here... so check us out!
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Tips on Writing a Story
I am having trouble trying to compleete a fanfic. Any great writers, or anyone who think they have some tips they can give me. Please tell me.
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Malos finales, continuación necesaria
Están decepcionados con el final tanto anime como película y creen que es necesario hacer una continuación expresen sus ideas, el por que lo cree y demás. Cree este foro con el obj antes expuesto, pero ahora somos varios y hablamos de muchos temas.
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Card Captor Sakura Story Ideas
Ideas for new Card Captor Sakura fanfiction
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Sakura & Shaoran!
No hay más que decir... es un lugar para hablar de nuestra querida pareja favorita! Aparte de resolver dudas y conocernos un poco mejor... También para compartir fics de esta pareja o de cualquier otra... ¡Anímense!
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CCS Fanfics of The Month!
Did you know that at this moment there are 17347 CCS fanfics? And out of those fanfics, their has to be the ones that stand out? This is the forum for YOU to voice what your favorite author or story of the month!
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Fanfiction Help
This a forum where writers can come and give tips on writing good stories or ask for help or ideas for theirs.
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Rebelling against DuBbInG, overall S&S KAwAiIness
Thoughts on American dubbing of Cardcaptors or Any other anime! Ideas for future episodes! Arguements are like REALLLYYY welcome! They make things really FiReY aslong as they're controlled! General discussion IS entirely welcome. Forum Open!
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with love ♡
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Si no recuerdas el nombre del fic que leías, ¡este
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Card Captor Roleplay City
We go here for fun roleplays!
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§ 君に降る空 §Sakura x Syaoran
It was you who showed me what it was like to be in love. It was you who accepted me for who I am. It was you who shined a softly glimmering light into my darkened world. It was you...an angel fallen from the sky.
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Tomoyo y Eriol, una pareja con elegancia y gracia
Hablemos sobre la hermosisisisisima pareja que hace Eriol, nuestro caballero con la joven amatista, pareja real? ficticia? buena o mala? y si tienen fanficks de ellos k nos kieran recomendar, pues bienvenidas!
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Fandom Revival
CCS has been suffering from a decline in popularity on FF. 3 years back when I was still a newbie, this fandom had an average update at about 30 to 40 stories a day. Now, it barely reaches 10 a day. Where are the readers and the writers?
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Sa mga Pilipinong nagffanfiction
Napaisip ako... di naman talaga kailangan na CCS lang ang inyong category... invited lahat ng Pilipinong nagffanfiction, okey? 'get together' lang... and chitchat, etc...
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Migu's Writing Corner
Late but still kickin. Suggestions, help. Anything :3 thanks
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Carte Card Captor Sakura
Menu spécial Sakura, poudré d'amour d'enfance, mélangé à du beau shonen. Café Yaoi, et bonbon Kero à volonté. Reposez vous dans le coin sofa Spinel, et n'abusez pas de nos thés Eriol, Yué, et Yukito. Pensez également à gouter le special Tomoyo.
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Sakura sufre una fuerte depresion, todo lo que quedaba de esa chica feliz, tierna amorosa y sonriente que fue en algun momento de su vida fue despojado hasta que...
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Card Captor Por siempre!
Hablemos de que es lo que pensamos si continuaran la serie de card captor sakura. Todos queremos una continuacion o no?
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