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A Vanguard rp:Vanguard Academy
Welcome to Vanguard Academy, a world where evil lurks under kind smiles, and goodness is snuffed by darkness and anger. Create your own character and help to return the academy to the world of light. EDIT: Read both the 6 commandments and the orginization topic.
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A Cardfight Vanguard RP: The Descending
A CFV RP, the spirits of Cray have fled to Earth, and are searching for hosts. Choose your side, will you save the world, or will you destroy it?
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Defenders of Cray
AU. We are the defenders of Cray. We will protect what's precious to us with our own hands. We won't let them win. OC Link Joker Invasion
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Strided Mysteries
AU. 6 cardfighting factions were living together in harmony, everything changed when the anomaly of stride first occurred. People began to disappear left and right and the factions began to fight amongst themselves. Then it resulted into war. Solve this mystery and end the war.
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Cardfight Vanguard RP! OPEN
Come and join the RP! The rules will be strict enough, but I have a Golden Rule List so don't worry, and no register limit! Register and RP is now OPEN! Come and join the fun now guys!
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Vanguard: Acceleration RP Forum
Have a chance right here to find out what it's like to have an Accelerated Cardfight!
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THe ol' cardshop
This is for all you Vanguard lovers and your randomness. Battles, talks and more
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The Vanguard Forum
Welcome to the Vanguard forum by Sno, We will involve general discussion, rp, and if I can set it up, possibly forum duels with your own personal decks, monitored by me or a moderator to prevent cheating. Come one, come all, and help our Vanguard Community Grow! And as always, Stand up the Vanguard!
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Cardfight Vanguard: A New Story
Takes place in a parallel universe to the actual show. A group of people will be brought to together by the game Vanguard. Will they be best friends, or worst enemies? Only time will tell...
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Cray Wars
Wartime has come in the form of a storm upon Earth. card fighters, pledging allegiance to the side of Light, or the side of Darkness. A clash is inevitable, and new heroes as well as villains must rise to take places left vacant by fighters that have come and gone before. Which side is yours?
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Indonesia School of Cardfight Vanguard
Bagi kalian anak-anak dan remaja Indonesia yang menyukai permainan Vanguard, mari bergabung dalam "Indonesia School of Cardfight Vanguard". OC kalian akan tampil di FanFic ini. Silahkan buka di forum Indonesia School of Cardfight Vanguard dan isi formulir pendaftarannya. Jangan lupa, kalian harus menguasasi setidaknya 1 clan atau kalau mau buat sendiri juga boleh. Alur cerita (plot) akan dipikirkan bersama. Ayo ikutan!
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Cardfight! Vanguard
In this forum we just have random discussions and if you have a question that you don't have an answer to, you could leave your question here and wait until it gets answered.
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Legacy, Vanguard RP
The tale of the Forgotten Army as told by the survivors of the Paladins invasion of Cray
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Vanguard: Infinity Limits
This forum is based on my up and coming Fanfiction. I hope you all can help me with either creating cards or submiting OCs. Title may change.
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We are the Vanguard
All Cardfighters welcome! Hey everyone I'm Kuro NTM's Vanguard oc this here is somthing i thought of but he's to lazy to work on anyway character creation's is now up so come and make your Cardfighters. and Also for card fighting against others Download Vanguard Area 1.72 best experience.
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What If Aichi Was A Girl?
As the title implies, what if Aichi was a girl. Would everything change?
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