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Chrno Crusade rp
I'm sort of bored so I wanted to start a Chrno Crusade RP
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Chrono and Rosette: A race against time
Correction: First Chrno Crusade forum with posts! Ahem... dedicated to the deep bond between the nun and the demon.
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Chrno Crusade: Apocatastasis
A Chrno Crusade RP. Play as an original character or characters from the series.
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Foro ChrnoxRosette en espaƱol
Si te gusta esta pareja comenta fics, hablemos un poco sobre esta hermosa pareja xDD!
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Stand out! Shine Proud!
Talk about whatever may be on your mind! Got a story to share, tell it! Want to meet friends, talk to people! As Rosette says, if your sad, be sad, if your angry, get angry! If you wanna be who you are, then stand out and shine proud!
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I just found out about Chrono Crusade Anyone want
I dont have the money to by it yet. So someone tell me about it.
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Chrno Crusade Alternate Pairings
For people who wish to discuss pairings other than ChrnoxRosette though we don't have anything against it, this is the place to go. Het, yuri and yaoi friendly.
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Chrono and Rosette, where they ment to be?
Okay, this is one of my favorite series. The ending made me cry though.... so sad.... But anyways, post anything you would like to, that deals with Chrono Chrusade. And have a blast doing it!
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Can you show me?
Rosette is a new transfer student at the high school, Pandemonium High .She is to have a guide to help her, of course she is stuck with the most hottest and most popular boy in the school. Ladies you know who! RxC
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chrono Crusade
PPL who like it.
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Chrono Crusade Story Ideas
Plot bunnies. They attack when you least expect them to and abandon you when you need them. For this reason I've started this forum to discuss ideas for stories, hash out details, or to enlist other people to write ideas for you if you don't have the time
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every thing looks dead so i made this, come join
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