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Clannad Forum To Revive the Other Clannad Forums!
Revive The Other Clannad Forums!
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The Clannad RP
Come here to roleplay, discuss anything, and much much more!
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Whether it's the tough-girl-beating-up-wimpy-guy idea that you like, or the adorable green-haired girl with the starfish fetish, come discuss everything Clannad!
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ClannadThe greatest RP ever made
Welcome all, welcome all. Here is the greatest RP ever made. We accept OC's, and canon characters are allowed to. Come and join!
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Clannad and oc rp
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Hello, and welcome fellow newcomers! This is a new Clannad forum, which brings you a whole new experience through roleplaying. With that romance, and slice of life you've always wanted, have a wonderful time here with different members! Rules may be a little strict, so watch out.
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Fanáticos de CLANNAD
Revivamos el amor por Clannad! quien se apunta? alguien? ah? *o* Porque definitivamente, clannad es de lo mejor en el mundo!
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Clannad roleplay please?
So! I would invite you all to do one giant role play with me, however they confuse the Crayola out of me. Dengeki Daisy is my favorite manga I have read, so I'd love to have a role play with a single person so I don't get confused out of my mind. I'll have multiple roleplays but they still have to be one on one. So who ever wants to role play with me, just PM me!
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Clannad: Different Days
Updates on the story/polls/other miscellaneous stuff about Clannad: Different Days that can't be covered in my profile page.
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Clannad: Kotomi's New Time
This is a chat/organizer based on my upcoming fanfic based on the anime "Clannad" called "Kotomi's New Time", which focuses on one of the main heroines of Clannad: Kotomi Ichinose.
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