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Roleplay of Geass
Lelouch vi Britannia commands you to RP to your hearts content! Any scenario, any path you wish. Feel free to create any OC and RP here. All are welcome all OCs are welcome... if you seek active Rping and an active admin then this is the place
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Witch x Warlock
."You're not alone. We are each other's accomplice. If you are a Witch, then I shall be a Warlock.". This is a place to discuss everything about Code Geass' fabulous Emperor & Empress: LelouchxC.C.! Btw, Suzaku is also welcomed, Sword&Shield OT3 FTW!
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Code Geass Crossover R&D
Sephiroth12285's research and development area for new Code Geass crossovers and what possible future crossover projects he has in the works are possibility going to be like.
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Codeless Geass
After years of preparation and a long war between the Chinese, Britannians and the EU... it's either time for change or die trying. Lelouch vi Britanna's plan for the destruction of Britannia will come into play soon, will you help or help destroy him, the choice is yours. WILL NOT DIE
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Black King and Black Queen
Zero and Q-1, leader and his ace, Lelouch and Kallen. Allies, friends, enemies. Is that all they ever were? Discuss the bittersweet relationship of Lelouch/Kallen here and fangirl/boy away! Fans of other 'ships welcome as well.
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Code Geass R3: The New Frontier
Five years have past since the fall of Lelouch the Demon Emperor. Five years of peace has reigned over the world, but war is like a wild fire... All it takes is a single spark. Canon characters and OCs in the story.
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Code Geass Roleplay
Code Geass roleplay. All OC's welcome. What will happen as Lelouch unfolds his plan of revenge against his father.
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Code Geass EXILED:Endless Colors
A new Code Geass RP produced by Mithos of the Blue Sky and Sea(Using his back up account). All Geass media is cannon somewhat to this forum especially the video games and the OVA's and Spin off manga. Cannon Mandatory and will start with an R1 Redux and some side RP's, OC's welcome.
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Code Geass the Roleplay
Come here for sandbox roleplay with canon characters and OCs. Feel free to guide a character, or even entire nation through an active, fun code geass roleplay!
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If you don't get the title you don't watch enough anime. This forum is related to everything Geass fanfiction, pairings, styles, what not to do, what to do, etc.
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The New Rebellion!
Takes place two weeks before Milly's graduation! Then we will head on to make an R3 season! BTW ,In here, Lelouch does not die! Ocs are welcomed and you are also welcomed to play as a Canon! ENJOY!
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Let's Launch a Crusade for Nunnally!
Hello my Warrior's of Nunnally! This forum will be about what we hate to see in Code Geass stories when it comes to Nunnally, how few of them actually have Nunnally as the main character, and the severe lack of quality and original stories about Nunnally.
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White Stains Black
Not even his darkness could taint that blinding light...instead it was the light that bled into the blackness. A Roleplay dedicated to Lelouch vi Britannia and the love of his White Knight; Suzaku Kururugi. SuzaLulu (in order), high RP standard; Suzaku found!
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Code Geass: Irregularity Code
This will be an RP that will (mostly) follow the plot of the Code Geass anime, but that doesn't mean that there won't be changes, like a few OC's thrown into the mix. This is my first RP forum, so please be patient with me.
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Code Geass White Requiem
Forced of the shadows by the actions of the exiled prince, Lelouch Vi Britannia, and secret Zero, a new opposition and part emerges.
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Code Geass: Ultimatium
War rises in the east. Soldiers of all nations come to do battle on the fields of India, for the precious metals therein. Take a stand for your beliefs, or for the simple cause of greed. War will be had.
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Code Geass: Blackened Colors
A very new RP created by BlackTyrantValvatorez. All material is canon, even the OVAs, spin-off manga, and video games. Alternate tellings abound and nothing is truly certain about what happens next.
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Crossing over
Have you ever thought of crossing any other animes or shows with Code Geass? Then here's a perfect place to talk about it!
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Lelouch's Empire
Lelouch vi Britania Comands you, Post on this Code geass Forum!
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Code Geass: World of Empire
Code Geass Roleplay Forum (Active) , there is rising of Unknown as the journey only begins
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Lelouch vi Britannia: Seme Extraordinaire
Dedicated to all those rare Seme!Lelouch fans who are trapped under the ample amounts of uke!Lelouch and anyone else who understands our plight.
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Who's better?
Who do you want Lelouch to be with?
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Code Geass RP: From the Top
Starting before Shinjuku, play through the world of Code Geass.
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Code DC Universe suggestions
for those who want to have a say in Code DC tell us what U want to be in it & we will see if we can make it for your accommodations.
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The Official ZeroLuluSuzaLulu Thread
Come and chat about plot bunnies, character ideas and the possiblities of ZeroLulu, SuzaLulu, and the implications of a love triangle between all three. Feed your inner ZeroLulu fangirl! You know you want to :D
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