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I love Godchild!
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Godchild Awards
Come and discuss vote your favorite character, favorite chapter, favorite death. Discuss other Gothic manga fav's. What voice over actors should dub the series if it becomes anime? And which is your favorite fanfic?
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Fans of Kaori Yuki
This a forum where fans and likers of Kaori Yuki discuss artwork, book releases, convention appearances, ETC. All are welcome, just don't forget your manners.
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pairings of Godchild
post fav pairings, least fav prirings, pairing complaints, and wished for crossover pairings.
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Cain Saga Appreciation Thread!
Because everyone loves flamboyant earls who enjoy playing with poisonous substances. :3 Talk, RPG, debate, anything. Just play nice--that means no flaming, kiddos.
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Count Cain RPG
I think this is the first forum for Count Cain, and it's a RPG come one join the fun!
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godchild forum
all godchild fans are welcome to this forum wether you've read them all or are just getting into them
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