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D Gray Man Roleplay
Just a place we can all have fun and RP as OC and Canon Characters. Swear words, graphic description of blood and gore are allowed so come at your own risk. But still, at least take a look, ya?
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DGrayMan RolePlay (OC's Welcome)
A D GrayMan RP (with OC's! YAY!) There will also be cannons! So come... to the dark side...
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Calling all exorcists to the fight!
AS the new exorcists it is your job to protect the world from akuma and the millennium earl. will you join the fight or are you the enemy fighting it.
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DGray Man Roleplay
This is a D. Gray Man Roleplay forum. Keep in mind that it is still under construction, and once it is open, my rules will not be the same as other forums. If you have any further questions, please contact me through private message. Thank you very much.
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D Gray-man Starts Celebrating!
No one gives a fuck about our Exorcists aging or the holidays so let's throw some parties!
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holy grail
the time is here. the black exercise are looking for heroes to finish this war. will you join them?
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