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DNAngel Popularity Contest & Other Stuff!
Vote on your favorite character! um...and stuff!
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DN Angel RP! Yeepee!
This is a forum for RP. OCs are allowed. I'm not sure about anything else yet, so it'll go where it goes...
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DN Angel Roleplay!
This is, Obviously, DN Angel ropleplays.
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D N Angel Role Play
The title says it all!
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DN Angel Role Play
We wanted a place we could role play without annoying admin-sama's on other forums. So here it is :D
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Favorite Genre of Stories
What type of stories do you, personaly, like to read? Be descriptive! Romantic Tragedies? Action packed stories? Mysteries that just keep you hanging? What about favorite authors...is there someone who, no matter what they write you'll read it?
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Daisuke and RikuRisa and Satoshi only!
Post previews or links to your Daisuke and Riku, and Satoshi and Risa fanfictions! And please be polite even if you dont like the fanfiction
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SutekiKage's little space to her readers
Just like the tile sugests, this is my lil space to my readers. XD, if u have suggestions for the story, go right ahead. questions? ask away! ohh, and this area for AN too, so watch out for those . ja! have fun!
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DN Angel just for the fun of it
this is just for the fun of it you can talk about anything and every thing just make a forum topic you want to talk about and then have fun talking.
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Which is a better Yaoi couple in DNAngel?
Hey. Cutewizu13 here. In fanfiction authors opinions which is a better Yaoi couple in D.N.Angel's Fanfictions, the anime, or manga? Also I know there aren't any Yaoi couple in the Anime or Manga.
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Dark Mousy Appreciation
A forum about the smexyness Dark!
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DaixDark Anyone?
Well the title says it all. Discuss anything DaixDark X3 I just made this cause there really aren't enough fans of this pairing out there.
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DN Angel
If you like the anime, you've come to the right place!
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I love Dark!
ok...so I don't have a D N Angel fanfic...yet...I will! here you can talk about my fav. manga D N Angel!
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Silverbrumby's random forum anime topics
a place to talk about anime, recommendations, what to watch and what not to watch, etc.Also a great place to give your views on dnangel!
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Damage Control! All about Dark x Riku
Your place for DarkxRiku updates. If you want discuss your favorite couple, here's the place to do it.
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ARGENTINE! and other stuff
TO ALL WHO DONT KNOW WHO ARGENTINE IS...HE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE...AND RATHER EVIL...does anyone know where to get the DNAngel FEDER artbook? ive been wondering...and its like murder the frustration...
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Krad vs Dark
This is just a random forum about these two and I cant really think of a summary. First topic, who do you think would win in a fight between the two? New debates coming soon
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Who's your favorite character?
Just as the title says.
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Fallen Angels
A forum dedicated to the forbidden love between those gorgeous fallen D.N.Angels, Dark and Krad! ShouenAi or Yaoi related posts are fine! Lia Xaragi
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The DarkRisaRikuRika Scandal
This is all about the DarkRikaRisaRiku relationship, which I find to be intriguing. Use this forum to post whatever you think about anything having to do with this.
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Come hear and tell me if your fond of the pairing, and what type of plot you think would go good with it!
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Favorite Characters
Come and tell us or me who is is that you like the best out of them all.
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Why we love guy and guy relationships And which ar
Just talk about what your fav. guy and guy relationship in DNAngel are and why you love them.
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Angels in waiting
Discussion on DNAngelprospects, shonen ai pairings, or just about anything else.
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