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Darling In The FranXX: Stories Of Children
This Forum exists to compliment the Anime Series, "Darling In The FranXX." as 'parasites,' we pilot FranXX and defeat klaxosaurs in order to preserve the future for ourselves, the adults and children. The stories of our lives start here, in this forum.
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Darling in the Future Fan Input
I don't really use forums, but I would love feedback towards things that get added to the story, non canon or canon. I might throw something out there every once in a while asking if anyone likes the addition of a new character, etc. After all, this is a story for the fans, so I want to try to please as many people as possible!
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The second princess
I was never like my sister, I was just her shadow that was used to be stepped on...actually lets go back to what first happened when I was captured. I was surrounded by people in white suits and they were ready to shoot their target if it would reject their 'kindness' and their target was me, The Princess of Klaxosaurs, well second princess actually, barely anyone knows me for who I am except for the creep of an old guy Dr. Franxx is. He wanted me so he could do some 'research' but I was fine with that beca
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