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Monster Musume!
I am currently enjoying the series and wanted to rp this. All are welcome to join, so come in and enjoy life with monster girls.
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Extra-Species Appreciation Association
A place for pretty much everything MonMusu. Canon, OCs, AU, etc. Writers, readers, reviewers, beta-readers, anyone really. Come on in, join the discussions, promote your stories, search for beta readers, seek writing and world-building advice, or just chat with fellow fans of MonMusu about the series or whatever floats your boat.
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Monsters in America
Role play as monster girls/guys -or human hosts- in the USA! (Takes place in Miami) [Currently in a reboot. Best time to join]
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Monster Musume World RP
Come in to join my own Monster Musume RP.
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Monster Exchage Program
Trying once again to help find common ground between humanity, and their many housemates
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