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Monster Musume!
I am currently enjoying the series and wanted to rp this. All are welcome to join, so come in and enjoy life with monster girls.
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One crazy Culture Exchange
Come on to Japan and see how different it has become with monsters now walking amongst humans. Make a monster or a new host family and join the mayhem. Currently open and looking for OC's.
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Extra-Species Appreciation Association
A place for pretty much everything MonMusu. Canon, OCs, AU, etc. Writers, readers, reviewers, beta-readers, anyone really. Come on in, join the discussions, promote your stories, search for beta readers, seek writing and world-building advice, or just chat with fellow fans of MonMusu about the series or whatever floats your boat.
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Monsters in America
Role play as monster girls/guys -or human hosts- in the USA! (Takes place in Miami) [Currently in a reboot. Best time to join]
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Monster Musume the Roleplay
Come join one of the many roleplay threads feature several alternate universes that are certain to please any kind of roleplayer whether you like slice of life or a story driven plot or whatever else!
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