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Our Dance in the Vampire Bund Universe
Didn't see an RP here for this, so I thought I'd try it. This is post fake Mina time period. Play human, vampire, werewolf, or be creative! This is a universe where we decide how the story continues. However, I shall put Mina, (a.k.a. Her Royal Majesty Queen Wilhelmina the First,) open for someone to play her.
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Dance In The Vampire Bund: Wrath Of The Vampire King
This RP takes place one week after the events of the final episode of the anime. With their enemies at bay, for now at least, things began to calm down. However, an ancient power has been awoken, one so powerful even the darkest creatures of the night tremble in fear at it's mere presence. Thirsting for blood and looking to reclaim what is rightfully theirs, this being sets it's sights on Akira and Mina. Can the two lovers survive the onslaught coming their way? CC RP, but OC's are welcome as well.
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Crossover challenges given by me? Oh my...
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