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Our Dance in the Vampire Bund Universe
Didn't see an RP here for this, so I thought I'd try it. This is post fake Mina time period. Play human, vampire, werewolf, or be creative! This is a universe where we decide how the story continues. However, I shall put Mina, (a.k.a. Her Royal Majesty Queen Wilhelmina the First,) open for someone to play her.
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The Bund of A Princess
It has been three years since the events of Dance In The Vampire Bund, the bund of the Vampires, founded by Mina Tepes (Ruler of all vampires) is still rising in population, but a new enemy is arising, can Mina with the help of her kingdom,faithful servants and you! Over come this danger to the bond of the Vampire Bund...
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Crossover challenges given by me? Oh my...
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