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Danganronpa: The murder begins
Private forum
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Welcome! This is a roleplay forum where you will encounter things such as murder and horrible accusations! Romance may ensue, and mystery will haunt you! Can you kill your lover? Join us in Hope's Peak Academy to find out who the real culprit is!
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Dangan Ronpa: Smokestacks
It's supposed to be a school for the gifted, right? Sure as hell ain't one now. It's a hellhole, kids being forced to kill other kids. God, I almost feel bad for them. Then again, it was my idea to overtake it and create this mutual killing game! No reason - just that I wanted something fun to oversee while the world bends to my will. Let me guess, you're going to bring hope to all your "friends" and save 'em too? Hah! We'll see about that. (Dangan Ronpa RP. Open for signups.)
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Danganronpa: One Hell of a Game
In the 19th century, during the times of demon butlers and grim reapers, a group of fifteen are shipped off to a boarding school deep in the English countryside where they are put inside a killing game.
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DanganRonpa: Bloodbath Mystery
Another DanganRonpa RP arrives! You are taken to a hotel for a party only for prodigies. You have no idea who the others are. Something is afoot. You must discover what.
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The Truth Hurts
An AU, of course. What if the 78th class were to be brainwashed, instead of the 77th? Will Junko be apart of this? Maybe. Is Junko and Mukuro hope? Maybe. Read to find out!
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Hope's Peak Academy Challenge
An RP based game. Sleuth your way out of a school of despair. You can participate in the game, or you can just RP leisurely with a cannon or OC.
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Danganronpa Alternate 78th class Universe
What if the 78th class became the Ultimate Despair. Well, we're here to talk about what happen to everyone else. I might do that later, but we're here to talk about the 77th class
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this is my first fanfiction about Danganronpa trigger happy
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Danganronpa 4
Ein neues Killinggame. Mit vielen bekannten Gesichtern und einem Neuem. 17 Ultimative Schüler, gefangen in einer Schule.
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Danganronpa RP
Danganronpa RP
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no games
no games man makoto plays no games
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drama total desesperacion
se trata de que 16 concursantes son engañados diciendoles que habira otra temporada . pueden sobrevivir con un oso lleno de desesperacion ?
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Characters from the danganronpa short term one and season two go on an adventure,but despiar leaks in,and bodys hit the ground...
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DanganronpaBaccano Au
A crossover AU between Danganronpa and Baccano where the killing game never existed, Junko isn't the Ultimate Despair nor the tragedy ever happened. Instead a crazy adventure with immortals,students and mafia Assassins! Oh my!... submit your oc and join in on the fun!
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that better be some good ads milk
idk what happened uhhh fanfic
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Forum 1: Of Checkered Scarves and Magicians Hats
This is just a questions-comments-suggestions forum for my fanfiction "Of Checkered Scarves and Magicians Hats" (which is about the Oumeno pairing from the game Danganronpa V3). Questions, comments, and suggestions are appreciated. I will post important announcements about "Of Checkered Scarves and Magicians Hats" here as well.
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