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Date A Live: Signs of blue quakes
Our world for 30 years has been plagued by something called Spacial quakes.What normal people don't know is they don't happen just for any reason. They are the entrance of Spirits. They are normally hunted down by the AST, But to a new idea offered we have decided not to kill these spirits unless they are hostile,no other wise if good we will save them and seal they're powers in a single host. (Canon Rp is now open -active-)
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Date A Live
This is for everyone who enjoys Date A Live! Please enjoy your stay!
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Date a live challenge
To anyone who want to post their Date a live challenges here it is
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Alternately Reincarnated Forum!
Are you a reader of the fanfic Alternate Reincarnation? Are you a fan of Date a Live in general? Do you want to chat with your fellow fans? Then come here! I want to be connected to my readers beyond my story, and I hope you do, as well!
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