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Deadman Wonderland Roleplay
THIS ROLEPLAY IS DEAD, JIM. At one point this was a really cringey roleplay I had made because I liked edgey things like Deadman Wonderland. You could roleplay as an employee (nobody did this) or have your own special snowflake character (everyone did this) and do random shit. However, this is no longer the case as interest waned and it finally died out. Do not apply to this roleplay as it is completely barren of any form of life save me, who will likely taunt you for even trying.
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Deadman Wonderland
Welcome inmates to Deadman Wonderland! You have been sent here as punishment for a crime you committed, or didn't. Among you all are special prisoners with the unique ability to control their blood. These are Deadmen. And this ability is the Branch of Sin. Deadmen will be forced to compete in Carnival Corpse, a fight with one's BoS. If the loser is alive afterwards, they will play the penalty game and lose whichever part of their bodies the slot machine stops on. Be warned, and eat your "candy" every 3 days
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Sins of the Blood
You don't have to know all about Deadman Wonderland to be apart of this forum. Come in, make an OC or just play as one of the canon characters. It's all up to you.
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Deadman Wonderland: REVIVED
Deadman wonderland,has fallen to the revolution, but it wasn't able to stick the charges for their crimes for holding those deadmen, and now they have been reinstated. Back in business more deadmen have been collected and will you be able to survive the Hell that is known as Deadmen Wonderland.
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Deadman Wonderland RP
If you're a Deadman Wonderland fan, then you'll LOVE this role play forum! Responses are so frequent, it's not even funny!
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Deadman Wonderland Roleplay
Roleplay for my favorite anime/manga of all time! Anyone can join c; BTW Alex Smith Join my forum...I got moved up Lol c
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UPDATE: Possible Re-opening soon! You're a prisoner here in Deadman Wonderland. Live out your term until it's your time to rejoin society or perhaps your a Deadman or a Forgery...
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Deadman Wonderland
Welcome one and all to Deadman Wonderland! Join us today to watch prisoners risk their lives to defeat all others! (Roleplay as a regular prisoner, employee, citizen coming to visit DW, undertaker, or deadman!)
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Sins of the Dead,Lives of the Lost- A Deadman Wonderland AU Roleplay
Deadman Wonderland. Formerly a prison, now a smouldering ruin. Now, the Wretched Egg dwells within the depths of a new hell, where lives are only worth so much, and prisoners have much more to lose. Welcome to the new world, Deadmen. Destiny awaits.
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DWL: GantaShiroTotoSenjiMinatYo
talk about everything!
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Deadman Wonderland Collaboration
Collaboration for the Deadman Wonderland story I posted in my profile. Since I probably picked you from your application, I hope you have fun with everyone!
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