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Demon Diary :: Classic Pairings
This forum will be used to debate who makes the best pairing in Demon Diary the everpopular shounenai love story. Do you drool when reading a good Raenef X Eclipse fic? Do you think Erutis and Chris are a match made in heaven? Have fun.
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Demon Diary Forever
Like Demon Diary? Want to tell people about it? Then this is the place for you.
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Crystal Hearts
A place to discuss the short story included in the first volume of the Demon Diary Manga, Crystal Heart.
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Demon Diary Fans
A forum for people to express their opinions on this delightful manga.
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Who loves Krayon and Erutic?
All who love this pairing must JOIN NOW! suger high
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El AsesinĂ³ Dimensional
espero que le gusten este contenido y lo apoyen
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