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Case Closed New Generation RP!
Idk if I spelled the title right. But all OCs are welcome! Also play as the characters such as Jimmy, Rachel, etc. Have fun & remember "One truth will prevail!"
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Detective Conan and Magic Kaito Yaoi
If you don't like it, don't bother clicking on it. I am just wondering why no one else has done this yet. Am I the only one who see all the yaoi possibilities?
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Why ShinRan and AiCon?
Why support ShinRan and AiCon over AyuCon and MitsuAi? Really- why?
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Fans of Detective Conan dub are welcome here.
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The Best Writers of DC Fanfiction
This forum is for the discussion of the best writers of Detective Conan. If you want to show their fanfiction here, please post it! Who are the best writers of this anime?
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gray sorrow
A place for discussion, contests and other activities for our favourite character. Topics welcome!
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Fandom DC Forum
Forum pour les lecteurs souhaitant devenir auteur... mais surtout pour une explication net sur le manque de review. (cf : Coup de gueule aussi x))
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Magic Kaitou
The older sister manga to Detective Conan. It might not be as wellknown as DCCC, but it's characters are much loved and our favorite phantom thief happens to be a fanfavorite.
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Questions for DC and MK, the weird to the smart
So, have some questions for Detective Conan or Magic Kaito? Actually, I too have some as well. Why not talk about it here?
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All About Haibara Ai Miyano Shiho Sherry
Everything about our favorite scientist!
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Mirror Complex Forum
This forum is for Mirror Complex: A KaiShin/KaiCon Fan Community and therefore discussion should stay related to that topic /only/. Use it to bat around plunnies, or just discuss the boys!
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Odd pairings
Title says it all. Any couple that's not a couple from Detective Conan and no yaoi/yuri!
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Fans of Detective Conan
Welcome to the Detective Conan forum! Here you may discuss anything that is related to this show. All are welcome :
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Heiwa Union!
A forum dedicated to Heiji & Kazuha or Heiwa i.e. peace in Japanese in short, anyone who loves this pair from Osaka can come and discuss about them!
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Actual Mysteries
Aren't we all looking for actual mysteries in the Detective Conan section? Tell us about some of the mystery fanfics you've readwrote. Or come here for help with creating a captivating mystery.
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HaibaraxConan because Ran is just too Ran
Never use dub names in front of me. It pisses me off. Now that's cleared up.. This forum is for all of you that love Haibara and Conan together, because Ran is to common. Discuss! If you like weird pairings, come to my other forums! DrxHr and SxK
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Idea request
Ideas for stories! The list of my anime/manga I will write for is on my profile page! Please Submit stories!
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Dự đoán về diễn biến tiếp theo, kết thúc của Conan
Gạt sang một bên những sở thích/ mong muốn của bản thân. Chỉ dựa vào logic của các tình tiết trong truyện và phong cách của Gosho Aoyama để dự đoán diễn biến tiếp theo/ kết thúc của Conan - cố gắng đưa vào những lập luận giải thích của bạn.
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Request Conan Edogawa Mental Regression Story
Will someone here please write a story for me, where Jimmy's/Shinichi's mind regresses to that of a toddler's, when that black organization drug regresses his physical body to a six year old a.k.a. Conan , and Rachel/Ran adopts him from the police statio
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Poll Forum just poll
Well Guys i am surveying here the most critical topic of DC... most competitive topics and all... just in my head i am conducting elections...on overall most debating topics ... all are at liberty to vote tale part in forum debate discussions arguments controversies and alll all the best
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Shinichixshiho, aixconan
Hi. This is a forum design for fan of shinichi and shiho. You can express your though about this pairing and how you feel about these two. Suitable for 16 and under.
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Detective Conan Theories
Now that movie 13 is out and it's on to movie 14 in April, I decided to change this forum to one where any theories can be discussed about the manga and anime. Anyone who hasn't kept up with the current scanlations and fansubs, this forum will most likely
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Haibara Ai
About our favorie brilliant chemist!
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Shinran Union
A Forum dedicated to the childhood lovers, the detective and the angel, Shinichi and Ran
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The story till now And then?
Many are reading the manga or watching the anime of Detective Conan, right? Why not update the poor souls that don't have the same luck like me? This is a forum to discuss about the on going of DC. And also about any ideas of how it will end.
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