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Diabolik lovers After dark
We're back! Hey guys Have fun once again in Diabolik lovers!
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My first Forum: Diabolik Lovers
I'm new to this. Being my first own forum, and onto the Diabolik Lovers group here. (My one most fav anime, watched 2 seasons of it ) So. With my thoughts and ideas of my first Diabolik lovers story, I'd like to share with you all here.
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Diabolik Lovers: Sliver Kisses
I have return, this a new forum of my favorite fandom. This is only third person and BxG group forum. Writers no matter how level are welcomed.
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Assorted RPs
A meeting place for all characters of all fandoms. The RP topics will vary but please do feel free to send me requests of RP topics. I honestly would prefer if you used an OC but canons are fine as long as you tell me where they're from. (Just BTW. This forum is pretty much dead at this point. May pick it up again but unlikely)
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Comunidad Diabolik Lovers
Espacio para opinar sobre todo lo que concierne a Diabolik Lovers, como también para convivir y compartir el gusto por este anime/juego.
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La Luz en mi Oscuridad Slash
Luca Riddle Rossier es un chico conciderado raro ya que se viste como una y tiene el cuerpo como un reloj de arena (Igual al de una chica), su color de pelo es inusual ya que nadie tiene colores tan llamativos en forks w.c ese pequeño pueblo con nombre de cubierto. Completo dentro...
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I can't say
Yui cannot stop thinking about Subaru, And that 'fling' they had. But once she was taken back to her home, She soon finds out a dirty little secret, This can ruin everything she has. And she needs to fix everything. But soon she has to face her past. And isn't ready, and isn't ready to tell Subaru as well.
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Ruki solo tenía permitido oler su aroma. Y con eso le bastaba
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the royal blood
Karl mengangkat seorang wanita yang dia ketahui seorang werewofl dan pemilik darah paling nikmat dan ia jadikan budaknya juga berencana untuk mengirimnya ke rumah anak nya
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Diabolik Lovers: la joueuse
Moi ? Je ne suis que sa servante. Je suis là pour effectuer les sales besognes, il a quelque chose qui me lie à lui. Ah, le maître m'appelle. Je dois de nouveau jouer.
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Diabolik Lovers Trapped
What happens if six high school girls who watches Diabolik Lovers and reads Diabolik Lovers FanFiction are drawn into the the show forever, literally becoming sacrificial brides to the Sakamaki’s. What the girls discover is that they don't just play, read or watch Diabolik Lovers. They must be brides. Also they will be stuck with six vampire boys. So the girls know they haft to act like Yui in the show. Plus there stuck there forever. Five of them are super natural beings and the other is a human.
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Forum pour ma fiction Comment cohabiter avec des vampires
Ce forum est consacré à ma fiction "Comment cohabiter avec des vampires". Ici, un peu de tout : réponses à vos questions, réponses aux review, ainsi que des RP si vous en avez envie. Bref, ce forum est surtout là pour que vous puissiez être au courant des nouveautés et surtout pour que vous vous amusiez :)
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Um Amor Possessivo
Alex,uma jovem inocente enviada para sofrer nas mãos de 6 sádicos vampiros Ou será ao contrário?
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Cousin (Sakamaki brothersXOc)
"I've been living a life with tainted sinful hands. Money is just a bonus, the thought of killing someone is always an excitement." K 2 weeks after Yui Komori came to the Sakamaki mansion, it never been easy for her to get along with the brothers. But another girl came to the mansion which changes everything.
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