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RPG: Digimon, Darkness Rising!
Enemies from all seasons have teamed up, and it's up the the brave Digidestined and Tamers to stop them. Choose your side and join the fight... Will you be demon or destined? Good or Evil? You decide! In this RPG, you get to choose whether you want to be an original Digidestined/Tamer with their partner, own OC, or just a digimon! You can even choose not to have a digimon partner. Heck, sign up today so you can see for yourself! :D -Final Battle in process, free to PM me for details on how to join Season 2
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Digimon Rp All Seasons
Come here and Role Play as a DigiDestend long after or right alongside the Original Eight! Any season is welcome, crossovers are abundant, and we frequently do Non-Digimon RP's as well. Read Rules before Applying.
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Koala Bear Club
Ever read my story of If Digimon Could Type? Recognize this? Yeah. It is a reality now. Um, I'm open for any discussions...just keep it lighthearted...
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Proyecto 1-8
¿Sientes que tu fic ideal jamás existirá? ¿que tu pareja crack solo habita en tu mente? ¿o simplemente estás cansada de leer el mismo fic una y otra vez con distinto título? Pues has llegado al lugar indicado: ¡Retos e Intercambios de fanfics de Digimon Adventure y Digimon 02! En este lugar podrás exponer tus inquietudes y hasta hacer fics a pedido. ¡Llame ya!
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Digimon Fanfiction Challenges
Come here for on-going challenges, round-by-round contests, plot-bunny dumping/adopting, in-depth discussions and review love. And remember to skim through the House-keeping Memo too. :)
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Digimon Adventure 03, The New Era!
A new generation of Digidestineds have started and a new generation as began as well. Can this New Era stop this new evil! Come and create your OC and RP! All Digimon are allowed :)! *Active*
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Dark Wars
Before the digital world was made, there were seven kingdoms. all united against one enemy, nememon and his dark army, but things have changed for the worst. The kingdoms are turning against one another, and precious few still remain united. can the kingdoms come back together or will all fall into despair?
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Digital Connections
Fanfiction's number one non-roleplay focused Digimon forum. All ideas and opinions are welcome here! A proud supporter of OCs, so bring your OC characters to our forum!
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Eternal Randomness
RP's, plugs for fics, BS topics, and any other random topics that one could think of are allowed!
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Digimon RPG: Operation Chaos
A new evil is rising in one universe, where humans and 'good' digimon are allied. Literally. One day, the evil starts to attack, catching the 'DDF' called alliance by surprised. In one of the many battles, an DDF soldier happens to find the enemy's plan. Nothing less than the destruction of every dimension. The DDF may be strong, but they need help. Will their calls for help reach other dimensions? Or will they die before help can arrive? Just one way to find it out!
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Digimon: Anarchy
An evil sweeps across the Digital World. It's up to a band of Tamers to try and destroy it before the darkness consumes both the Digital and Real worlds. (Private, viewing only)
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Digimon 02 rp
When the Seven Digimon Lords threaten the digital world, it is up to the Digidestined to return and save the day. Accepts OCs or playing of canon characters. Need more people to keep going at a good pace! So far there are four of us maintaining nearly 50 characters so we could use some help! We are still ACTIVE! Please come in and join us!
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Digimon 02: The Clash of Love
Alright people, pick your winner. Daikari vs. Takari, who is supreme? Voice your opinion here, back up your allies and challenge the opposing team. Remember I want a nice clean fight people.
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DigiQuartz RP
An RP based on the Xros Wars second season style, with Digimon Hunters and DigiQuartz.
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Digimon: War of the worlds RP
Main RP:The human world and digital worlds have discovered each other and now wage war angst each other who started this war? And who can stop it? the first has yet to be answered but second may be answered soon in the form of humans and digimon who want peace coming together to fight for it!, Side RP1: The mighty warlords ChaosDukemon and Omegamon: Zwart have taken control of half of the digital world, the mighty angel Angewomon summons human tamers to fight along side digimon, can they stop the warlords?
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Secrets of the Lost Land: Witchelny
This mysterious, medieval dimension has long since been lost to not only our world, but also the Digital Ones. Witchelny, true to it's name, is said to be where witches and wizards roam, knights joust, and ladies dance under the digital sky. This land, separated and forgotten by our own since the reign of the Demon Lords, has been undisturbed for millenia. ...It should have stayed that way. (Full summary inside... join now!) *Seasons 1-5*
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Digimon RPG: A Twist in Time
Exactly what has happened since the original Digi-destined have done there job. A twist and alter in time is about to happen bringing back the original and new digidestined. Find out yourself by joining today! A fantastic new adventure awaits.
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Digimon RP Generations
Yet ANOTHER Digimon RPing board. Name doesn't really have much to do with anything. Still, if you like RPing, come here!
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Digimon D-World Chronicles
Come and join the first, newly form guild of D-Central.
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Digimon: Chosen Heroes
RP1: In the DW, dark forces are rising, can a new team of DigiDestined save the worlds from destruction? Depends on you and I guys! RP2: DigiQuartz has appeared, now digimon are manipulating people from there, the digimon hunters known as the Jaegers must hunt them down! RP3: Countless years ago, a digimon had been sealed away by the Grand Legendary Warriors, now he is on the verge of awakening, a new group of Legendary Warriors wielding the Elemental Spirits must come forward!
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Digimon RPG: Left Behind
The Parasimon ended... but different. Gallantmon Crimson Mode's Crimson Light, caused something unexpected. He, and Sakuyamon have been dragged into the collapsing portal... the walls of the dimension broke, and the sovereigns needed to channel their power, to seal them. Now, there is no way to get back. The gaps in the dimensional walls are closed... forever...
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Digimon Tamers: Another Story
This role-play is set three years after the events of Tamers. Come inside and play an original Tamer or one of the characters from the T.V. Show!
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A forum for Digimon, Pokemon and Monster Rancher fans where you can chat, RP or do whatever you like. This is inspired by a group that I co-founded.
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Digimon Frontier Season 2 RP
Hey everyone! This is my first forum and I'm terrible with explaining things so I'm gonna get straight to the point. This is a Digimon Frontier RPG for Digimon Frontier season 2 (Which you can tell from the title). I made this up so just go with it. I want to know what ideas you have for Legendary Warriors! Really! I swear I won't steal your characters for some fan fiction! I'm a girl of my word. Remember to have fun!
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Digital Hackers RP
When a group of friends stumble across a strange code, their lives take a strange turn. Hunted by the government and partnered with strange creatures not of this world, they will go on an adventure of a lifetime!
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