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RPG: Digimon, Darkness Rising!
Enemies from all seasons have teamed up, and it's up the the brave Digidestined and Tamers to stop them. Choose your side and join the fight... Will you be demon or destined? Good or Evil? You decide! In this RPG, you get to choose whether you want to be an original Digidestined/Tamer with their partner, own OC, or just a digimon! You can even choose not to have a digimon partner. Heck, sign up today so you can see for yourself! :D -Final Battle in process, free to PM me for details on how to join Season 2
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Digimon Rp All Seasons
Come here and Role Play as a DigiDestend long after or right alongside the Original Eight! Any season is welcome, crossovers are abundant, and we frequently do Non-Digimon RP's as well. Read Rules before Applying.
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Digimon Adventure 03, The New Era!
A new generation of Digidestineds have started and a new generation as began as well. Can this New Era stop this new evil! Come and create your OC and RP! All Digimon are allowed :)! *Active*
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Digimon RPG: Operation Chaos
A new evil is rising in one universe, where humans and 'good' digimon are allied. Literally. One day, the evil starts to attack, catching the 'DDF' called alliance by surprised. In one of the many battles, an DDF soldier happens to find the enemy's plan. Nothing less than the destruction of every dimension. The DDF may be strong, but they need help. Will their calls for help reach other dimensions? Or will they die before help can arrive? Just one way to find it out!
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Digimon: Anarchy
An evil sweeps across the Digital World. It's up to a band of Tamers to try and destroy it before the darkness consumes both the Digital and Real worlds. (Private, viewing only)
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Digimon Data Squad RP
Taking place a few months after the five year time skip at the end of the series, everyone has been enjoying relative peace, but now evil wild Digimon are starting to make their way into the real world again and no one knows the reason why it's happening. Make a human or a Digimon and join up in stopping these evil Digimon and figuring out the cause for their appearances, or be part of whatever this evil force is.
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Digimon 02 rp
When the Seven Digimon Lords threaten the digital world, it is up to the Digidestined to return and save the day. Accepts OCs or playing of canon characters. Need more people to keep going at a good pace! So far there are four of us maintaining nearly 50 characters so we could use some help! We are still ACTIVE! Please come in and join us!
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Digimon: Artifacts of Legends
Welcome to my imagining of Digimon. Where the Tamer does more then sit in the side lines and cheer on their partner. In this Rp Tamers will take up arms against mysterious forces as they grow bonds with their partners who will encourage you to grow stronger and you do the same to them. Cause without them. You are as good as gone without your friends. The power of a bond can do amazing things as you will soon see.
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Digimon Frontier Season 2 RP
Hey everyone! This is my first forum and I'm terrible with explaining things so I'm gonna get straight to the point. This is a Digimon Frontier RPG for Digimon Frontier season 2 (Which you can tell from the title). I made this up so just go with it. I want to know what ideas you have for Legendary Warriors! Really! I swear I won't steal your characters for some fan fiction! I'm a girl of my word. Remember to have fun!
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Let's Go Digital! A Digimon Roleplay
The Digital World is in danger once again and we need your help DigiDestined. Will you answer the call and team up with us Digimon to save our worlds? I can hardly ever find a Digimon RP that can remain active and stay active. So I decided to make one myself. Canon and OC characters allowed. Hope to see you soon. Don't bother anymore. THIS DIGI-FORUM IS DEAD!
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Digimon RPG
I've been looking around, and there really aren't that many new and active Digimon forums. So, here ya go. Fight alongside, as, or against the original digidestined as you try to protect the world, or plunge it into darkness. Create an OC or claim a cannon, and let's get digital!
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The Code Wars
Several years ago, the Digital World was shattered into several zones. Now when the Barba Empire rises, claiming the Code Crowns from the zones and enslaving their fellow digimon. Now the fallen guardian of the world, the once God-like Fanglomon, has created a new weapon to face them. Now seemingly random human teenagers are being sent to the Digital World with one goal, stopping the Barba Empire and claiming all Code Crowns to unite the Digital World.(ACTIVE AND SEEKING MEMBERS!)
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The Pokédestined
Instead of children being sent to the Digital world, they're transported to the Pokémon World, but not the pokémon world we know. Come to this Pokémon World which is inhabited only by Pokémon and become a Pokédestined, and with they help from your Pokémon partner, and Pokédex, you can help save the Pokémon World!
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Digimon Adventure: Evolved
"After an endless dream, in this world of nothingness It seems as if our beloved dreams will lose Even with these unreliable wings, covered in images that tend to stay I'm sure we can fly, on my love." Years after the DigiDestined defeated Apocalypmon, the Digital World became shrouded in mystery. Some believe it, others don't, some even don't know about it. Suddenly, children around the world begin to be transported to this world. Join and become one of them, and change the future of the Digital World
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Digimon RP: Deleted Destiny
Welcome to my Digimon Forum
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Digimon Apocalypse
It's December 21, 2012 and the end is neigh. The world must be saved! OC's and all seasons cannons.
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Digimon Tamers and Frontier
Digimon Tamers: What if you woke up one day to find a digivice beside your bed. The next thing you know the egg hatches and you have your very own digimon. Up to 10 people will be accepted... ... .. Digimon Frontier:One day you get a message on your phone that says you need to get to the train terminal by 5:45. Then you find out that after you get into a elevator and end up in a strange section and hop on to a 'train' that you can turn into a digimon! Up to 5 people. You can have an element a CC has.
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Digital Horizon
200 years ago the digital world merged with our own in the event known as Digital Horizon. In the present day Digimon and Mankind live together in harmony, but shards of the evil the digital world once held remains, and another change is coming, come join Digital Horizon.
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Calling all DigiDestined
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Digimon World: Requiem
Digimon exist...in electrical devices. They have been living unnoticed...until now. Chosen human children are being called to save the digital world from destruction, and to help them is their partner digimon. Is it enough though? Can they unlock their hidden potential before the digital world is destroyed from the evil that plagues it?
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Digimon Tamers 02
10 years after the events of Runaway Locomon, a new generation of Tamers will arise. Will they be ready for what is to come? [Private RP but Open to Viewers]
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DigiNet: Return of Darkness
Over time, humanity moved on from reliance upon digimon, and soon forgot all about them, ven the events of the past. But now, in the present day, a new online community called DigiNet brought digimon and Humans back together. However, with the return of old friends, it also brings about the return of old enemies... (COntinuation of Dark Wars Forum)
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Digimon RP: Keep Saving the Worlds
Are you a digimon or a chosen child? Will you create a RP or play in one? Either way, people will just keep on saving the worlds that they live in. Come on and join the fun, if you like! Open to all seasons of Digimon as well!
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Digimon: Digital Disaster RPG
When the digital world is in danger it summons forth new warriors. But this time it's not just a bunch of kids. Warriors of all ages are called!
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Digimon: The Lost Chronicles RPG
Open to everyone! Are you good or evil? Where do you stand and what is your story? Welcome to Digimon: The Lost Chronicles. Whether you have a digimon partner, are a digimon, or don't have a partner, your story can unfold here. Join the various RP's taking place, or join our "overworld" events where you can experience the lore of the group itself. These overworld events can either effect your rp's, or have nothing to do with them. Either way though, you can influence the story and create a grand adventure.
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