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Dragon Ball AT
Dragon Ball Altered Tour. Revising the Dragon Ball GT saga.
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Dragon Ball Z: AU
An RP forum where you can roleplay as your favourate characters from Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z and Dragonball GT, or create and Roleplay a new character in the Dragonball Universe.
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Dragon Ball Ultra: Role-play Edition
A group of special Time Patrollers are assigned to a important mission meanwhile! In a newly made Grand Tour timeline, Towa and Mira attack the Z-Fighters and steal their power. What will when the Gods and Kais are wished back to life? And the events of Super happen but with an all new cast?
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DBZ Whatif battles
For what-if battles. Just start the battle as a topic, and keep it going! It is DBZ, and DBZ crossover what-if battles. This is the place,for all those what-if battles involving DBZ you may have rolling around in your head. Let the battle begin!
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Dragon Ball GT Remastered
Forum to discuss my series Dragon Ball GT Remastered. Please add, whether it's thoughts on the series so far, what you want to see happen, question regarding the story, or whatever.
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Dragon Ball GT disaster!
I was so dissappointed about Dragon Ball GT. The story especially, but also the drawing of the characters and the lack of connection between DBZ and DBGT.
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s2 Trunks para sempre s2
Para todos o fãs que amam Trunks! De DBZ e DBGT
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Dragonball GT Forum
Forum especially created to talk about GT. What do you like, and not like about it? Who were your favorite characters? Would you change anything about it, and if so, then what?
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Dragon Ball Extreme
A forum based on my ideas along with my niece, Fausha's ideas, no rules, have fun
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Dragonball New Generation
I'm trying to write a fic about the years between when GT ends and the fight between Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. ...and I need help. Especially with villans and plot. All help or critiques welcome!
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DBGT: Super 17 What did they do to Android 17?
Do you love Android 17, but hate Super 17? Do you think Android 17 is hot, but Super 17 is ugly? So on and on. If you think GT ruined both your's and my favorite android, this is the place for you!
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Dragonball fanfic land!
This is the place discus both my DragonballGT Remake! and DragonballAF fanfics. It's just for that though, you can discus anything dragonballzgt related here.
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TrunksxMarron Fans
Trunks y Marron, y más personajes que representan a la nueva generación. Historias sobre ellos, opiniones, juegos divertidos y mucho más. ¡Ven a conocer a más fanáticos como tu y a divertirte con ellos!
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Lack of good crossovers
Hello. This is my first forum post feeling proud , but that's not why I'm typing this into a Compaq laptop. Dragon Ball GT is lacking good crossovers, I mean, I'm the ONLY person to make a GT Sonic crossover Light and Dark rated: M. Please rate and revi
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Dragonball GT: Open Discussion
This discussion is for Dragonball, DBZ, and DBGT fans where you can talk about bouncing ideas, get tips on writer's block, and so much more...
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Water Parks and Accidents
My OC Gohen is Gotens twin sister and she has to babysit Pan for Gohan and Videl. When Pan wants to go to the water park, and Trunks,Bra,and Goten get involved there are a few...accidents. Better than it sounds please check it out
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The basic categories that everyone's opinion on the Dragon Ball final stage of its series. Some of us are die hard DBZ fans, yet alot of us hated GT and how it might've "ruined" the DBZ
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i was going to call it remake but for all you GT haters i deiced to let you guys to tell the Story from your owns ways. add any charaters you want.
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The legend of goken
The latest defender of justice has shown up will he defeat the new enemy
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Vegeta jr y Goku jr se conocen. Se da comienza a una nueva aventura
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Find the Dragon Balls!
This is a spin off of the original Drqgon Ball GT. It's been a few years since Son Goku disappeared, along with the dragon balls. But when they show up after years of being no where to be found— can our gang collect them all? There's only one little problem.. they've become corrupt. Join our gang to find and defeat each dark shenron, before it's too late!
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Dragon Ball GT: Goku's Heroic Quest
This story is about a young boy named Son Goku Jr. that goes on a mission to take back the Four Star Dragon Ball (Suushinchuu) from the clutches of former Saiyan ruler Rapudo and his friends Bietz, Pikkel and Brussel. The four Saiyans not only take the Dragon Ball but also destroy the entire city with everyone in it and even murder Goku's grandmother, Pan. Goku is then informed by King Kai that the Earth is going to be next in line to be destroyed if he doesn't find the Dragon Balls within the next few months...
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