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Super Universe Wars
Power, power everywhere. Even in a postwar world, heroes never die. Dragon Ball, Guilty Gear, MHA, and more!
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Dragon Ball Z Super Roleplay
A Dragon Ball Z rp.
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Dragon Ball Super: Reborn
What if you lived your final moments? Wishing to whatever deity to let you live another day? what would happen if your wish was granted but not in the way you would expect? Welcome to the New Life, with some company.
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battle of brothes
what if the universes 6 and 7 got a tie in the end of the new tournament, and the only way to untie up its for their gods of destruction to fight ?( this fanfic was inspired by a dream I had ,I dont plan to make it big this is my first fanfic and my English is not the best but I'll do my best )
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Cabba's new school
cabba had just turned 14 and moved to a new town in sadala. He is at a new school and crazy events are in store for him
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el plan para erradicar a zeno sama el viaje por dimensiones
capitulo 1 una llamada inesperada de el rey del todo poco despues del torneo de champa goku y los demas se tomavan un merecido descanso despues de las intensas batallas del torneo. pero para sorpresa de goku bulma le llamo y goku dijo ho, baya bulma cuanto tiempo ,decia goku con una sonrisa inocente pero bulma respondio... goku ben rapido que el señor bills te esta esperando .
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Este es mi primer fanfic, ya que espero mucho a que salgan los otros fics que yo veo, así que decidí hacer mi propio fic, que lo disfruten
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The Battle-History Depends
Goku Has the ultimate battle to save earth from The God Of Destruction,Find out how it ends
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