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Jiren and Vados love story
(Go easy on me, my 1st story EVER)Jiren from universe 11 is nothing but raw power and is badass. He comes up from a very rough childhood, but that's what makes Jiren who he is now. Jiren has gone years meditating, doing missions, and training but then one day gets interrupted by his fellow pride trooper toppo about the tournament of power. He tells Jiren all the details and jiren knows that he can't lose. In this story Jiren wins the tournament of power and returns home after, and lots of things happen.
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The Chibi Tales of Berry Mashin
This is a little Dragon Ball fan series that I am coming up with
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La Redención de un Héroe
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Bulma a la varicelle part 1
Le matin, Bulma se lève et par dans la salle de bain pour se brosser les dents et se laver le visage et elle se regarde dans le miroir en crient oh non mais que ce que j'ai! Elle a la varicelle. Vegeta! Crie Bulma. Quoi que ce que tu veux? J'ai la varicelle! Ne me dit pas que tu a la varicelle. Dit vegeta et bulma. Ne t'approche pas de moi. Dit Vegeta a sa femme. Je pense que je vais appeler Kakarot. Vegeta pren le telephone et appel Goku et Chichi.
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Bulma a la varicelle
bulma se lève de bonneur et se regarde dans son miroir. et bulma se mettait à crié avec des boutons partout.ça lui gratte partout. Vegeta j'ai la varicelle. dit bulma a Vegeta. quoi ne t'approche pas de moi avec tes boutons.dit Vegeta a sa femme. Vegeta appel Son Goku aux téléphone . kakarot dit Vegeta. quoi est ce que tu veux Vegeta? dit Son Goku aux téléphone.bulma a la varicelle.dit Vegeta a son goku.non Vegeta je ne viendrai pas chez toi je ne veux pas avoir la varicelle imbéciles.dit son Goku. a suivre dans le
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Kiwi the brother of Broly
Kiwi is broly brother and is one of last saiyans survivors. (Please note that the Broly I am talking about is the new broly movie Broly not the old one.) Watch as Kiwi grow with the Z fighters to set his path.
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Dragon Ball Super
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El secuestro de Bulma
Bulma es secuestrada por freezer, que hara vegeta?
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Clash! Goku v Frieza all over again!
goku gets to fight frieza again. but it seems like deja-vu. Did this exact moment happen before?
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Dragon Ball Alpha
Any story that is a branch off of the series that has been given to us. Not really interested in a romantic drama, I just want to make an extended universe off the up to date cannon story they have made for us all. Please, make well written and no cliche. Impress me I guess.
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Amor legendario divino
Existen varias realidades y dimensiones entre ocurrió el nacimiento de dos saiyajins legendarios y unos de ellos es enviado a la tierra con el saiyajin Kakaroto
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Reincarnated As A Saiyan!
I was driving to my highschool graduation. I had just turned 18 two days ago. It was gonna be a great graduation and I was so excited. The only problem was the rain. "Oh Why did the rain have to come today?" I said to myself while waiting for the red light to turn to green. Then I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, it was another car and it was coming right for me. I slowly looked towards the car. Then I realized what was about to happen. My last thought was 'Why'd that car have to run the red light.' At that moment, that one moment in time I took my last breath. "Boom!" I heard the car impact with mine. I felt my spirit leaving me slowly. The last thing I heard was the sound of the ambulance coming to save me. But then I was unexpectedly falling from a pinkish-yellow sky. 'Wait, I'm supposed to be dead.' I thought, but I found my thoughts interrupted with a mysterious voice. 'You are supposed to be dead, but it looks like you are one of the special ones.'
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What if their was another sayain alive
Their was a female sayian who was barly able to escape from the destruction of planet vegeta
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Dragon ball super un reencarnado en fairy tail
la historia de un genio que deseeo estar en un mundo anime uno de los animes que mas le gustaban era dragon ball y fairy tail
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