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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Forum
A forum where you can Roleplay in Xenoverse, this is where you can create different scenarios that may or may not be in the original games or not. In this forum, possibilities are (virtually) endless. Let's all have fun with this.
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The Dragon Ball Forum
Looking for a break from Dragon Ball Z and GT? Well here, you can chat about the original Dragon Ball, whether it be characters, plot, or more importantly, Dragon Ball fanfiction. Have fun!
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Dragon Ball Z Au Forum
Out of the time rings that exist one of them will take the user to a universe that is completely different from the main story. A timeline where the Z fighters never existed. Goku, Krillin, Yamcha, Tein, Chiouzu. Not a single one exists.
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Dragonball RP: The Red Ribbon Cults
An RPG concerning the original Dragonball , though it may at some point feature elements from DBZ, and possibly though unlikely elements from DBGT.If interested, read more inside.
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Adventure on a Universal Grand Tour: A Dragon Ball RP
This is an alternative universe where the Super Saiyan God beat back the evil Saiyans and the Saiyans became defenders of piece, eventually the universe became over reliant on the Saiyans, now with the majority of the Saiyan population gone from a mysterious event how will the universe cope with the oncoming threats.
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Saiyan Incest
Lets speak about good saiyan incest stories here... i certainly need some more to read that arent just from detoxangel
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Team Four Star!
Fans of TFS, a channel on Youtube, Gather here! Da Da Da Team Four Star!
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The the universe is and always will be Popo. Popo and Popo accessories are welcome here.
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Dragon ball
FANS UNITE! (thats all i could think of)
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Dragon Ball ZG Forum
Welcome to Dragon Ball ZG! This is a series of "Fanfics" I plan to write revolving around some of the unexplored aspects of the saiyan race, as well as a whole new setting for my OCs. If you want to get involved, just ask! Also, if you want to add your OC to the universe of ZG, put it in the OC Submission. Thanks!
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En busca de tu amor
en un mundo muy diferente al que conocemos gobernado por tres reinos vampiros, hechiceros, hada, hombres lobo pasen y lean les gustara
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Dragon Ball Universal Rush!
The story focuses on Future Trunks and his friend, partner, and fusee Future Goten (My version)! They have to deal with Time Rifts, Super Dragon Balls, new/old enemies, and more... Enjoy!
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Dragon Ball Change of Fate Chat
Discuss things involving my story Dragon Ball Change of Fate. We can talk about certain parts of the story along with characters and character development. You can also request an OC to appear in the story.
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Noticias sobre las historias o mas
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a new saiyan gohan’s girlfriend
when the cell saga is just 9 days away, gohan suddenly finds himself training with a new friend. shes also a saiyan and the two of them train until it was time for gohan his father goku and the z fighters to go and save the world from cell and the damage he has caused. but gohan and the girl become very close and soon will start something even stronger.
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What if Tarble went to Earth: Chapter one- The Prince and the Deadly C
This is originally a story I started on Reddit, and am working to bring up all the chapters here instead. I am currently as of this post on chapter 26 and working on chapter 27. These are reposts, with no editing that I remember doing.
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DB reversal
The gust of comoetetuin is role reversal. Switch the characters in a fictitious storyline so they fit perfectly both in the reversed character and the plot you weave.
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Hidden Leaf Rumble
The village hidden in the clouds sign a contract with the leaf, but it was a trick. What would happen if all Five Nations fought each other in a near never ending war? [WARNING I do not own any of the characters in this Fanfic, but Ken.]
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Demuestrame Amor
Krillin, Dieciocho y el viaje que los condujo el uno al otro. Solo una de mis muchas visiones sobre cómo esta pareja extrañamente compatible y dulce llegó a ser. La calificación aumentará en capítulos posteriores.
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