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Looking for a break from Dragon Ball Z and GT? Well here, you can chat about the original Dragon Ball, whether it be characters, plot, or more importantly, Dragon Ball fanfiction. Have fun!
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Dragonball RP: The Red Ribbon Cults
An RPG concerning the original Dragonball , though it may at some point feature elements from DBZ, and possibly though unlikely elements from DBGT.If interested, read more inside.
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Saiyan Incest
Lets speak about good saiyan incest stories here... i certainly need some more to read that arent just from detoxangel
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Team Four Star!
Fans of TFS, a channel on Youtube, Gather here! Da Da Da Team Four Star!
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The the universe is and always will be Popo. Popo and Popo accessories are welcome here.
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Dragon ball and Naruto related Fanfiction
For people who love Fanfiction as well as Dragon ball and, or Naruto. Please visit.
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