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Looking for a break from Dragon Ball Z and GT? Well here, you can chat about the original Dragon Ball, whether it be characters, plot, or more importantly, Dragon Ball fanfiction. Have fun!
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Dragon ball Z A NEW STORY
join dragon ball z starting form the begin meet the cannon character or control them become the guko! or be your own character either way your in for fun and lots of training LEARN TO DODGE!
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Dragonball RP: The Red Ribbon Cults
An RPG concerning the original Dragonball , though it may at some point feature elements from DBZ, and possibly though unlikely elements from DBGT.If interested, read more inside.
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Saiyan Incest
Lets speak about good saiyan incest stories here... i certainly need some more to read that arent just from detoxangel
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Team Four Star!
Fans of TFS, a channel on Youtube, Gather here! Da Da Da Team Four Star!
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The the universe is and always will be Popo. Popo and Popo accessories are welcome here.
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Dragon ball and Naruto related Fanfiction
For people who love Fanfiction as well as Dragon ball and, or Naruto. Please visit.
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