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Shizuo.vs.Izaya or Shizaya yaoi, idc what.
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Durarara the RPG!
Set a fill years after all the event that happened at Durarara! Please come and enjoy RPing
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Ikebukuro RP
Here's an rp for Durarara
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Durarara! RP
Everyone's here! Even Shinra's dad! So come one come all! Choose your piece and lets get this party started! Read Rules
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Durarara Roleplay
As the tittle says this is a role play of Durarara so come in and get started by creating a character or claim one from the show.
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Shizaya RP
I think you can guess what this is about! So Yaoi alert! come alll!
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Everything Durarara!
So Durarara's awesome, right? The characters are kickass, the plot is amazing, so here's where you can chat about it all!
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Anything Durarara!
I really don't know what to say. The title says it all. You can come here to pole play, or just chat about the anime. Enter the forum to see.
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Durarara! Rp!
Ta-da! Since many of the Rp are a little dead, I have decided to make one! Join and roleplay as your favorite character or your own OC! Aaand I'm still bad at making summaries. While this forum is in english, I also speak spanish! So for anyone insterested, please send a PM to me
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Durarara Yaoi Discussion
This is where you can discuss your favorite yaoi couples of Durarara. Rules: 1. Do not post stories here, but you post summaries or ideas. 2. You can reqest some quick oneshots for writters 3. Becareful with language. 4. Please do not kill anyone on
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DRRR World
Do you want to talk? Bounce ideas off of someone? Well then, please, I welcome you warmly
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Durarara RolePlay
RolePlay Durarara!
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DURARARA light novel and beyond
Thoughts, likes/dislikes and news about Durarara's light novels and other related things like anime-manga-novel comparisons . Share what you know and what you feel ;D
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Durarara Crossovers
What kind of Durarara Crossovers would you guys like? It would be cool to discuss/chat about ideas here! Please follow forum rules, btw.
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Durarara RolePlay
This is a Durarara RP because there aren't a lot of them I have been able to find on Fanfiction. Yaoi and Yuri is allowed.
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The Strongest Man in Ikebukuro
I made this because Shizuo needs his own forum . He's too great a character to go without one. And so, in this you can talk about whatever you want relating to Shizu-chan. I might even accept a bit of yaoi
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Romance In Ikebukuro
A place for people who wish to brainstorm, talk, suggest etc Durarara-OC stories to gather
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Durarara! General Discussion
From the female dullahan searching for her head to Izaya pretending to ride on a motorcycle, talk about the most favorite anime of the Winter 2010 season here. We'll be waiting. c:
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Pour parler de l'anime en général
En fait, il n'y pas (ou presque pas) de forum en français dédié à ce superbe manga qu'est Durarara! et je trouve ça super dommage. Donc pourquoi ne pas débattre de différents sujets qui traitent de l'anime. Je pense que ça va en général virer vers les différents couples qu'on peut trouver dans le manga. (qu'il soit hétéro, yaoi ou yuri) On pourrait aussi parler des fanfics qu'on a trouvé génial pour les faire partager aux autres fans et ect...
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Izaya's eye color
Are his eyes brown or red. My TV shows brown but every fanfiction I've read says they are red.
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Looking for Durarara RPers!
Go inside for details! I sincerely hope you won't be disappointed!
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Durarara Rp
This is a new durarara Rp I'm making just to see if people are interested in one. If enough show up then I'll expand upon it
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Dυяαяαяα! яρg
Welcome to the City of Ikebukuro. Take in the sights while you are here; and meet the many mysteries of the city. Such as a headless Dullahan, A powerful gang that rules the streets, Underground corruption, and teenagers who aren't exactly what they seem
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Town of Much Chaos
There are only 3 roleplay forums for Drrr! So I decided to make one for myself! Feel free to contribute an oc or play an original character. Open to anyone!
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DurararaYaoi, RPG
Voilà, voili, voilou. Un RPG sur Durarara mais version yaoi.x) L'idée de génie ! Je trouvais qu'il serait dommage de passer à côté de si beaux couples *p*. Et ça se passe à la fin de la saison 1 et avant la saison 2 (que je n'ai pas commencé, excusez moi T-T) Alors je vous invite tous à venir pour les incarner. Et le yaoi dominera le monde ! MOUHAHAHA ! Désolé j'ai craquée *tousse* mais sinon vous êtes la bienvenue .
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